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Nation States (all welcome/chill thread) series

The Nation States (all welcome/chill thread) series is a roleplay thread on Forum 7 in Nation States created and governed by the users Ozzy and Lingria. Every thread take place in a strange and bizarre location, where a few ground rules are set up and characters then are set free to do whatever they want. To start a subplot, one must post "Exist" or "Existence". The thread slang for intercourse is "fade" and pokes are not uncommon.The threads also contain surprisingly PG-13 material, as one player quoted, they are "80% romance". Sexual scenes are the norm and all kinds of characters, from magic folk to cyborgs, reside in these threads.


"!![Nation States (all welcome/chill thread) series] contains examples of:".

  • Action Girl: The majority of the female cast, such as Geramond, Sophia, Konny, etc.
  • Action Dad: Frederich and Drake have a strong paternal instinct.
  • Action Mom: Julian is a knife-weilding badass while Max will burn with hellfire anybody who touches her daughter. Rishika shows shades of this.
  • Badass Adorable: Lightning. A innocent, cute, pegasus who's a thunder god capableof ripping galaxies apart.
  • Butch Lesbian: Subverted. While Ignis is a tomboy, Jen, Sophia, and Marlene are all quite feminine.
  • Big Eater: Gir.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Drake never ended up with Julian, despite the ship-teasing and his efforts to win her over.
Eldritch Abomination:The reapers.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire: Most of the demons, such as Maou, Adam and Max are quite friendly and non-malevolent. Goes the same with many other mythical creatures.
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  • Jerkwithaheartof Gold: Jacob at first enjoys killing people in painful, slow ways in The Strip, but then defends a girl against her abusive father in Salty Spitoon. Viktor tried to harm Marlene's daughter in Love University, but then reforms when he falls in love with Julian.
  • Kitsune:Drake, Jen and the wolves.
  • Mama Bear: Intistaar, Julian, Max, etc.
  • Mr.Fanservice: Most of Lingria's male cast, Jacob.
  • Noble Demon: Most of the demons are this.
  • Open-mindedParents: Rishika and Hesperos seem to have no problem with their daughter going out into the world to become a proffesional necromancer/mage. Fred also seems to have no problem with Ignis being homosexual or having an incestuous relationship with her brother.
  • National Personification: Indo-sama, Dancy, Lingy, Prusse-kun, UESE, USGC are just some examples.
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  • Papa Wolf: Jacob, Aceus,Henry, Frederich and Sully are all good examples. Viktor may or may not have shades of this.
  • Playedfor Laughs: Ludwig's raging homosexual appetite seems to result in this.
  • Plot Twist: Skyline United seems to be fond of this trope.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Malibu, Lightning, Zwei, Henry's puppies, Leon, and the list goes on.
  • Shout-out: Ronald Stump, anyone?
  • The Mentor:Reverend Orsin
  • The Woobie:It is hard not to feel sorry for Max. Malibu is sometimes this when she is bullied by Two bit. Hes becomes this when Iris takes him hostage.
  • Worldof Badass: That cute Asian Loli?Former private. Her dad? A Field Marshall. Her Mom? The antichrist. That guy who smokes weed? A former soldier-turned gangster-turned monk. The cute blonde guy? wanted by the IDPD and the Gods. The IDPD?A badass police force with metcha suits. That lovely family of three? Mages that could kick Harry Potter's butt. The beautiful, shy redhead? A skilled metal maker and gunslinger. Everybody here has the potential to kick ass.
  • Yuri: Jen and Sophia, Ignis and Marlene(temporarily), etc.

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