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Quotes / Nation States All Welcome Chill Thread

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  • "Alright, we could use the other way. Dad, seduce him."-Ignis
  • "Just looking out for my own..."-Viktor
  • "I heard you chuckle, and simply imagined your laugh if you had no tongue."-Morwen
  • "You can't protect my country forever, Ignis...You stubborn lass, if nations cannot stand against the Reapers, what hope do you have? They exist to destroy life in order to "pave way for new seeds" or some bullshit like that."-Larissa
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  • "FFFFFFUUUUUUUUU-!" -Random H.Y.D.R.A scientist
  • "What could you have felt to make you ignore fear in the same way i ignore emotion altogether?"-Lost Heaven

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