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Roleplay / Danganronpa: A Chance of Despair

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Danganronpa: A Chance of Despair is an original character RP hosted on Fan Fiction Dot Net, and based (obviously) on the Danganronpa series. 18 students are trapped in a school by Monokuma, and forced to kill each other to have a chance at escape. The RP is still ongoing for the moment.

Characters, as well as their authors, can be found here.

This page is primarily made for the players themselves. If you get lost, don't worry. The players don't know what's going on either.



  • Call-Back: Some relics from other RP's have survived long enough to make a cameo in Chance:
    • The Ultimate Logician, Toyozo Katsuna's notebook is used by Monokuma to keep track of all of the electronic equipment in the school.
    • Blue Bison, the favored energy drink of the Ultimate Engineer, Shinobu Kurosawa, is seen while Monokuma is trying to fix the cameras after they were destroyed.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The pepper spray given to Juniper early on in the first chapter was later used in a failed attempt by Nenene to defend herself from her attacker. It was then deduced that the killer was wearing glasses as a result.
  • Dark Secret: The third motive.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Ludger had been teetering on the edge of falling into an irreparable state of despair since the very beginning of the roleplay, however, he didn't end up taking the plunge until his best friend Robin was murdered in Chapter 3.
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  • Heel Realization: In Chapter 3's motive, it is revealed that alongside their school memories, everyone had a painful recollection wiped from their memories. That is, until Monokuma provides everyone with an item that helps them to remember what they had chosen to forget. This hit both Ludger and Robin hard, as they were forced to recall that they were nothing but cold blooded murderers.
  • Reminiscing About Your Victims: Robin before she was murdered and Ludger in the following class trial.
  • Running Gag: Any time Ayame tells someone not to do anything stupid, they're often the next blackened.
  • Sadistic Choice: During the second trial, Ludger is given the option to execute Juniper Jurai to prove to Monokuma that he has fallen completely into despair. The dilemma shows itself when he is forced to make the choice of either pushing the button, losing his humanity in the process, or reveal that he had been lying to the headmaster all along. He ends up taking a third option.

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