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Adventuring Party is a Bay 12 roleplay ran by Ross Vernal, creator of The Black Sand Bar.

The game revolves around a group of journeymen Adventurers on their first real quest.

The Adventurer's Guild is an international organization that trains those who can pay the yearly entrance fee to go forth and perform the kind of work that normal folk just don't care to do. In a sense, you're a bounty hunter: sometimes, it's treasure hunting, other times, you're hunting down bandits, and occasionally taking part in whatever regional conflicts the local lords put you into.


While a Guild membership is not a license to slaughter and plunder ruthlessly without distinction, most governments have an arrangement by which a guild-appointed adventurer is immune to law if said crimes are justifiably committed in the process of honoring a sanctioned Guild contract. The organization does not have this legal privilege around the world, and in many areas is not recognized.

The game can be found here and the OOC here.


Adventuring Party contains examples of:

  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Happened to Zoah, who impressed his God enough to be appointed to be a custodian of the War God's favorite weapons.
  • Character Customization: Profile format includes Name, Race, Height, Weight, Appearance, Strength/Stamina/Agility/Speed/Endurance/Willpower/Intelligence/Perception, HP/MP, Level, Virtues, Flaws, Hobbies, and Feats.
  • Critical Hit: Natural 20's automatically deal maximum damage and have a chance to deal additional damage/special effects upon their victims. When a natural 20 attack is met with a natural 20 dodge, both are re-rolled. If it happens again, then it's just max damage without the special effects.
  • Damage Typing: Slash, Pierce, Bludgeon, Ballistic, Fire, Cold, Electrical, Acid, Holy, Unholy, Death, Magical, Auric/Psychic, and Unblockable. Unsurprisingly, Unblockable damage cannot be soaked.
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  • Experience Points: Everything grants you Experience Points. Experience Points are a hidden statistic. Most XP filed under "general experience" which is applicable to whatever level players choose to gain; there is "specific experience" that applies only to existing levels/feats/etc: if you swing a sword around long enough, you're eventually going to gain a level in Swordsman.
  • The Fair Folk: Myrln was born a half-fae. When he nearly gets killed, he chooses to become a full Sidhe of the Winter Court.


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