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  • In The Great White Hype, the rightful number one contender for boxing's heavyweight title and his wannabe gangster manager (played by Jamie Foxx) break into the house of Fred Sultan, the crooked promoter who controls the sport with an iron fist, intending to force Sultan to give them a title shot or they kill him. After they bust in and hold Sultan at gunpoint, Foxx's character crows that Sultan has gotten soft and could no longer deal with someone skipping legal wrangling and simply trying to use force against him. Foxx's character compares the ambush to Nino Brown's tactics for gaining control of the streets.
    See, this is what happens when you been living lavish, sipping wine and everything, then we come in here Nino Brown style, and then next thing you know we got guns on you and what you got, huh... [Trails off as he notices a small army of Sultan's bodyguards popping out of various hiding spots, all of them pointing guns at him]

Live-Action TV

  • Martin: In "Suspicious Minds", when Martin tries to lure out the true culprit among his friends of who stole his CD player, it is set up like the infamous meeting of CMB. He even says the "Sit yo $5 ass down!" line and has a (fake) Rottweiler to intimidate them.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: In "The Baby Comes Out", after Phil stands up to an obnoxious man smoking on the elevator, Will quips, "Yeah! It's a New Jack City, now!"

Professional Wrestling

  • The late New Jack took his stage name from the film.

Web Video