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Live-Action TV

  • Downton Abbey: Bertie Pelham (who wears the names of Pelham Grenville Wodehouse and his most famous creation) is basically a slightly less silly version of Bertie Wooster.

Web Comics

  • Jeeves and Bertie are part of the And Shine Heaven Now continuity, most prominently featured in the storylines 'Isn't That a Little Bit Dangerous, Jeeves' and 'Fangirls of the Greatest Generation. Most notably, everything Walter learned, whether about being a valet or a vampire hunter, he learned from Jeeves. Unfortunately, that Bertie has written books about Jeeves means that Millennium is able to make an I-Jin of Jeeves that brainwashes Walter into working for them. More fortunately, the real, deceased Jeeves is working as his and Maggie's guardian angel, while Bertie begins training Shelby Penwood to be one as well.