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Tear Jerker / Jeeves and Wooster

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  • Everything that happens to Bertie in the course of each story. Yes, it's Played for Laughs, but the poor guy is still set up to look like an idiot by his own valet and regularly ends up being thought insane. Especially sad because Bertie isn't an Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: he's a genuinely Nice Guy who gets dragged into stupid plans just because he wants to help his friends, and they're rarely grateful.

The series

  • "Will Anatole Return to Brinkley Court?": During his drunken speech Gussie singles Bertie out for mockery, even hinting that Bertie cheated to win his Scripture Knowledge prize. Bertie is Gussie's friend and has gone out of his way to help him during this episode and the previous one. And even after this Bertie still tries to help Gussie, who never apologises for what he said.
  • "Well, then... Leave, dash it!" "...Very good, sir." Jeeves is blinking an awful lot as he turns away.