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Recap page for Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS.

Per Wiki policy, all spoilers in recap pages are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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    Birth of Rush Duel Arc (Episode 1–13) 
  1. "Let's Do This! Rush Duel!" - Young duelist Yuga Ohdo is confronted by a fellow student named Luke, who claims to know of a method for the former to showcase his "Road" to the world.
  2. "The Man Who Possesses Evil" - Out of fear of Goha Corporation discovering "Rush Duel" too quickly, Luke confronts Yuga over his nonchalant attitude on the matter.
  3. "Romin's Secret" - Due to suspicious behavior, the group begins to suspect Romin is a Goha spy.
  4. "Goodbye, Student Council President!" - Gakuto becomes conflicted between his duties as student council president and supporting "Rush Duel".
  5. "Rook! Fight of a Man!" - "Rush Duel" becomes jeopardized when the group discovers the school's newspaper club is slandering the format.
  6. "I Beg Your Noodle! Ramen Duel" - One of the group's favorite restaurants is on the verge of shutting down due to poor business.
  7. "The Transfer Student is an Elementary Schooler?" - A Goha executive known as Mimi begins to spy upon the group disguised as a transfer student.
  8. "Post-Apocalypse and Neapolitan Spaghetti" - During a heatwave, the group is forced to duel against a mysterious post-apocalyptic biker to sate their thirst.
  9. "Wonderful Jurassic" - Yuga and Luke become captivated by the sighting of a dinosaur, and encounter a club dedicated to all things dinosaurs.
  10. "A Horrifying Horror Duel" - Romin's band, RoaRomin, confronts Yuga's group over ownership of "Rush Duel" at their concert.
  11. "No More Holding Back!" - Gakuto readies himself for his opponent, only for Romin to take a stand against him.
  12. "The Forbidden Ace" - In the final bout, Yuga and Roa begin their duel over the fate of "Rush Duel".
  13. "Another King" - The truth behind Sevens Road Magician and the identity of the Hologram Man become clear.

    Maximum Arc (Episode 14–26) 
  1. "Romin's Kitchen" - Still mistrusted for her past transgressions, Romin tries to gain Luke's forgiveness through cooking his favorite dish.
  2. "Setting Sail! Goha Fisheries Elementary School" - While in the midst of searching for Otes, the group becomes trapped on a ship setting out for a month.
  3. "The Man Who Washes Duels" - In a bid to pay off debt owed to a Goha sponsored restaurant, Romin duels to prove her loyalty to the group and "Rush Duel".
  4. "The Cat in the Garden of Providence" - The group comes across a mysterious boy and a catlike associate in the undergrounds of the city.
  5. "Sorry, Getta-chan, Get a Chance" - Getta leaves RoaRomin out of anger toward Roa for stealing the spotlight and under-appreciating his efforts.
  6. "The One Who Is a Throne" - While Kaizo becomes angered at Yuga's lack of respect toward him, the group is lured by Sebastian, Nail's person throne.
  7. "It's Tough, Being an Adult" - In her attempt to confront Yuga's group, Mimi is forced to duel against her own son while in disguise.
  8. "Close Encounters of the Noodle Kind" - After confirming a total loss to Nail would lead to all of Yuga's friends being banned to dueling, they face off against a supposed alien.
  9. "The Sealed Devil" - Arata returns to do battle with Luke, whose power to hinder technology goes missing at a critical moment.
  10. "That Which Lies Beyond Providence" - After defeating all of his minions, Yuga finally confronts Nail at his hideout.
  11. "Resolve" - Discouraged by his defeat, Yuga's friends decide to search for Otes in the hopes of the mysterious man possessing a trump card against Nail.
  12. "Dream, Courage, and Friendship" - Confronting Nail at Goha's headquarters, Yuga and his rival do battle with the danger of being banned on the line.
  13. "Maximum Duel!" - With both sides possessing Maximum Summon, the duel reaches it climax as Yuga struggles against the head of the Garden of Providence.

    Goha 6th Elementary Arc (Episode 27-39) 
  1. "Birth of the Luke Club!" - After finding himself by his lonesome after establishing the Luke Club, the eponymous founder is faced with a mysterious being with his own appearance.
  2. "Training Camp! Sushi Duel" - In the hopes of training the group after being invited to a "Rush Duel" tournament, Luke brings the group to an outdoor retreat.
  3. "Galient Digging" - Ranze and Rinnosuke head out to meet up with Gakuto at the training camp, only to run into a student of Goha 6th Elementary excavating a nearby area.
  4. "The Tiger's Way of Battle" - After learning the tourney was actually for trumpeting, the group head out to search for the local club, only to be confronted by Luke's sister, Haruka.
  5. "Rebelli-Ant is Mine" - Upon arriving at the "Trump Duet Tournament", the group learns that it was simply a cover-up for the "Dark Rush Duel Tournament".
  6. "The Lady who Loved Heavy Cavalry" - Asana, the head of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, is confronted by the group over their ban on "Rush Duel".
  7. "Goha 6th Elementary School" - After Yuga's loss against Asana, the group alongside Ranze and Rinnosuke after forcibly transferred to Goha 6th Elementary School.
  8. "The Shiatsu Nether-Empire Strikes Back" - Kaizo and Sebastian are sent back to Nail to gain support, only for a familiar face to show up.
  9. "Sound! Gohanium" - The Heavy Cavalry Duel Club sends a detachment to close in on Yuga's now abandoned hideout, only for Haruka to step in for its defense.
  10. "Enlightenment ♡ Ranze Eyes" - Discovering the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club's secret arena underground guarded by Galient, Yuga's group is sudddenly betrayed by Ranze.
  11. "Crookluke" - Luke challenges Chevelle to a duel due to his bitterness in being tricked into taking trumpet lessons, only for Dove-rap the pigeon to suddenly become his opponent.
  12. "Unearth Maximum!" - Finding out the secret behind Asana's Maximum Cards, Yuga is confronted once more by Asana for one last duel.
  13. "Bring it Back! Mutsuba's Pride!" - With both sides clashing with their Maximum Summons, Yuga and Asana's duel comes to a close.

    Team Battle Royal Arc (Episode 40-) 
  1. "Give Me Jam ♪" - After learning that her idol, Princess G, is being dropped due to her support of "Rush Duel", Romin becomes conflicted in supporting the group's cause.
  2. "I'll Yameruler the Sogetsu Style" - After learning that Ranze is meaning to graduate from the student council and the Sogetsu Style, Gakuto confronts his friend.
  3. "Space Operations Duel Corps" - With the advent of Goha announcing a "Rush Duel" tournament, Luke becomes dismayed when Yuga announces he will not participate alongside him.
  4. "Opening! The Team Battle Royal!" - With the team signed up for the "Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal", everything seems to be proceeding smoothly until the unlikely arrival of Otes.
  5. "Discord" - At the opening ceremony, Mimi and the President of Goha are confronted by Roa, who asks for a duel with the added benefit of seeing Otes if he is victorious.
  6. "Upstart Hunter" - With rumors of Maximum Cards circulating throughout the tournament, Yuga is confronted by a now wealthy Hunter, who challenges him to a one-on-one duel.


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