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Recap / Veronica Mars S 03 E 13 Postgame Mortem

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Wallace appears in this episode, recuperating with the Hearst basketball team after a miserable excuse for a game. Coach Barry puts special focus on his son Josh (Jonathan Chase), who quits in fury. After dismissing the team, Coach Tom goes off to be alone. Veronica counsels Wallace to look on the bright side, but all Wallace can see is that he played at the expense of his friend Mason, and that they still lost by 20 points. When Veronica arrives at work, she finds Josh and his mother Kathleen (Tracey Needham) in the process of Keith. Tom Barry's corpse has been found near the Pacific Coast Highway, and Sheriff Lamb is looking at Josh as the main suspect. Keith's job is to clear his name.


Dick is informed by his and Logan's Econ professor that if Logan skips one more class, he'll receive an automatic F. Back at the Neptune Grand, hotel management is holding Logan's food for ransom—Logan has a large percentage of their room-service supplies and utensils. Dick takes matters into his own hands by telling Logan a meth lab exploded in Veronica's neighborhood—"You can probably see the smoke from here!" When Logan takes the bait, Dick locks him out on the balcony and brings in the maid staff. He then brags about how he met an extremely hot girl and has invited her, as well as her sister who is "practically her twin" (Smoking Hot Girl, 2007), to come hang out.

Josh tells his side of the story: he went to an overlook on PCH where his father liked to go to unwind, and found the body. He didn't call it in because there's no cell reception there; instead, he went straight home to break the news to his mother and brother, and then to take a shower. Someone else must have reported the situation, because scarcely had he emerged when Lamb arrived. He thinks Mel Stoltz might have motivation: he's the university's biggest single donor and has been trying to get Tom Barry ousted from his coaching position for years. Given the location, the Pacific Coast Highway Motorcycle Gang is also under suspicion.


At the Neptune Grand, Logan hasn't much cleaned up by the time Melinda (Lisa Jay) arrives. She is indeed hot—certainly hot enough for Dick—but her sister Heather (Juliette Goglia) is eleven. Almost instantly, Melinda and Dick are out the door to a beach party, with Logan instructed to just let Heather watch TV. The next morning, the two haven't returned: Dick phones that they made a surprise road trip to Las Vegas. Logan is left with a pre-teen girl asking if he always sleeps this much.

Keith makes a visit to Mel Stoltz at Stoltz Industries to get his alibi. Stoltz claims to have been on a private company plane at the time, and that while he thought Barry was too much of a loser to be an effective coach, he didn't want him dead. Meanwhile, Veronica asks Eli to get her in touch with the current leader of the PCHers. It's Arturo, the pizza kid who was robbing LGBQT types last year. He points out that Coach Barry was driving a '96 station wagon and that they'd hardly hold up a guy, much less murder him, over an $800 Alleged Car. (He also describe their normal MO, which is a lot smoother and doesn't even need guns.) Zero for two for the Marses right now.


Heather and Logan are bonding over Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Though they chat about Neptune and Logan's semi-charmed life, particularly the great ice cream shops there, Heather's more interested in whether Logan's moping over a girl. By nightfall, Dick and Melinda still haven't returned—though, according to Dick's daily phone call, they're now married. Heather than keeps digging as to why Logan isn't with his lady-love anymore. Logan admits that he did something very bad. He then poured out his heart to her via voicemail, but she hasn't answered.

Veronica and Josh visit the overlook on the PCH where Coach Barry's body was found. They find tire tracks where his car was pushed over the cliff. Meanwhile, Sheriff Lamb is told there's a new eyewitness who has come forward: it's Mason. He says that he saw Josh Barry in the car with Coach Tom just prior to his death. As such, Lamb is waiting in front of the Barry house when Josh and Veronica return. After the break, Josh is still protesting his innocence from jail; Mason has a grudge towards Coach Barry for taking him off the starting team, and also has a gun that he once showed off at a party. Veronica promises to look into it, and promises to do her best when he requests peanut butter cookies.

Keith contacts Mindy O'Dell to quit the case. In addition to the eggshell, there's also a cellphone call between Mindy and Landry at 1:50 AM. Mindy claims that she had gone downstairs to buy Hank some toothpaste, which Hank confirms. Mindy asks him to continue on the case: He may be digging in the wrong place, but that's more than the sheriff is doing. Keith then checks in with the hotel staff to confirm the alibi. They're able to turn up the valet records for when Mindy parked the car, which indicates that she checked it out at 1:51 AM and returned it at 2:59. Veronica also checks in with Tina, her (Logan's) friend on the Neptune Grand staff, and discovers that Mindy and Landry ordered creme brulee just after midnight, and then Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on pay-per-view at 2:02 AM.

Veronica catches up with Mason and tries to get his story. He admits that the two people in the car were facing each other, so he was only able to see one of them at a time, but he confirms Josh's letterman jacket on the other person. She then goes to the Neptune Grand to hunt down Brett Ratner, who supposedly was on room-service detail delivering the dessert—at the same time that Heather calls the local radio station to dedicate a song (Nick Lachey's "What's Left Of Me") to Veronica in Logan's name. Veronica overhears it on the hotel radio and turns it off before chatting to Brett. He claims to have heard an argument when he delivered the dessert, but that it was between two men. Meanwhile, Heather, her work done, begs to get to a workout room. This leads to the four of them ending up in the same elevator. Heather, realizing who's in there with them, goes into full squee mode. But Veronica doesn't reciprocate, and after they debark Logan scolds Heather for her temerity and outrageous optimism.

Veronica attends Landry's class, and he calls her up after class to inform her that she's made it to the second round of FBI reviews—partially due to a second letter of recommendation. Landry posted on the faculty blog asking for such a letter, and Dean O'Dell stepped in. Veronica claims this reminds her of the bit in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang when Robert Downey Jr. dies. Landry corrects her: RDJ survives the movie.

Logan finally receives a phone call from Dick, who wants to know if Logan knows a lawyer. Melinda also gets on the phone to Logan, telling him to make sure Heather takes her Prozac. Instead, he offers to take her for ice cream. When they return, Melinda and Dick have returned and are arguing madly. Melinda bids her husband farewell, and Heather her new friend.

Keith syncs up with Mindy about the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang alibi; she can't remember a thing about the movie; evidently she fell asleep during it (a mere half-hour after the toothpaste-buying excursion, interestingly). She also doesn't know anything about the argument between the two men. She tries to order Keith off the case, but Keith refuses to beg off: "I quite liked your husband." And Veronica sneaks some peanut-butter cookies in to Josh in a hollowed-out copy of The Count of Monte Cristo. Next we know, Sheriff Lamb is arresting her for aiding and abetting Josh's escape from jail.


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