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Recap / The Librarians S 4 E 08 And The Hidden Sanctuary

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After suffering a mental breakdown during a mission, Cassandra decides to go on a sabbatical in a small quiet town in Ohio. The fact that Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Here is only a plus to her, as she wants to feel safe while figuring out what she wants to do with her life. At first, the fact that there haven't been a single accident in the town for 27 years seems suspicious at first, she quickly grows to love the quiet, simple life and her job as a regular librarian (lower-case "L"). Then, suddenly, increasingly improbable accidents start happening all across town.



  • Can't Spit It Out: The mayor clearly likes Cassie's landlady but can't bring himself to ask her out.
  • Character Focus: The entire episode is focused on Cassandra. The others barely appear in it.
  • Cold Iron: Once Cassie realizes that a fairy is involved, she uses iron shavings to slow down the fairy, while staging an accident to summon it. Later on, when it's freed and goes on a rampage, she and the townsfolk lure the fairy into a wrought iron gazebo, rendering it powerless.
  • The Fair Folk: The safety of the town turns out to be due to a fairy rescued and trapped by a boy 27 years ago, who wished that everyone in his town always remained safe. Unfortunately, after 27 years of being stuck in a snowglobe, the fairy is pissed off at its captor and everyone else in the town. After being freed, it goes on a rampage, determined to destroy the town.
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  • Journey to Find Oneself: Cassandra's reason for her sabbatical. Naturally, at the end, her purpose to be a Librarian is renewed and she comes back. Jenkins explains to her that he spent several days figuring it out own purpose, now that he's mortal.
  • Just a Kid: Everyone, including his mother, dismisses Freddie's claims of something being wrong in the town.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Cassandra has this reaction after realizing it was her arrival via the Backdoor that started unraveling the magic protecting the town.
  • Not Afraid to Die: Inverted. Since she no longer has her brain tumor, Cassie is no longer as reckless with her life, since she can potentially live to a ripe old age now. Later, in order to defeat the fairy, the kid uses his one wish to make the fairy know what it's like to be afraid.
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  • Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Here: The small Ohio town is deliberately chosen by Cassie for its improbable safety record (they're about to celebrate 10,000 accident-free days).
  • Only Sane Man: Cassie's landlady's son is the only one trying to figure out the truth about the town. Even Cassandra is too happy there and doesn't want to rock the boat.
  • Self-Mutilation Demonstration: The kid is able to break through Cassie's willful ignorance by putting his arm through a Bunsen burner flame. Not only does the fire not harm him, but he feels no pain either. Cassie repeats his trick and realizes something magical must be protecting them even from intentional self-harm.
  • Too Dumb to Live: After spending 27 years saving people from accidents, it feels that the people of the town have grown so complacent that they don't even take the sensible precautions that everyone else does habitually. A guy sees nothing wrong with crossing a street with his vision obscured by the plastic boxes he's carrying, knowing full well that no car is going to hit him. Cassie is shocked to discover that the town doesn't have any traffic lights, stop signs, or a fire department. After the spell is broken, the new mayor declares that creating a fire department is their number one priority.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: The mayor is willing to hurt Cassie and a little boy in order to keep the town safe using the fairy he trapped 27 years ago. He redeems himself by offering to be used as the bait for the pissed-off fairy.
  • Weirdness Censor: Subverted. While the improbable nature of the town's safety is obvious to nearly everyone, only Freddie - and a little later, Cassandra - question it.

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