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Recap / Stargate Universe S 1 E 11 Space

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A mishap with the communication stones leaves Young temporarily on an alien ship. And the aliens then find the Destiny, or possibly were looking for her.


  • Aliens Speaking English – or at least sending messages in it. To be fair, they been probing Rush's mind for information and probably got the language from him.
  • Grand Theft Me – Young exploits the communication stones to look around the alien ship
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  • Humans Are Warriors – Rush, who loses every fight he gets into with another human, strangles a blue alien to death.
  • Lost Wedding Ring – the blue aliens take Rush's watch and both his rings, one of which is his wedding ring. He never gets them back.
  • Mind Rape – the blue aliens' technology allows them to do this to Rush and Chloe. But it can also be used against them.
  • People Jars – the blue aliens keep their prisoners in water tanks
  • Starfish Alien – the blue aliens language is incomprehensible, and the only word they transmitted to the Destiny is "Surrender".
  • Starfish Language – the blue aliens again. They may be primarily telepathic, given they had mindreading technology.
  • Too Dumb to Live - Chloe of course, who decides that the best course of action when hostile aliens are cutting holes in your ship is to stare blankly up the hole that was just cut.

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