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Recap / Stargate Universe S 1 E 10 Justice

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When Sergeant Spencer is killed, the search for his murder opens the divisions in the crew as the investigation proceeds.


  • Alien Lunch – the purple 'sweet potato' that Greer tries and then tricks others into eating; ironic, as there really are purple sweet potatoes, which are perfectly tasty to eat.
  • Asshole Victim: Spencer, as Rush points out. Though it turns out he did it to himself.
    • Rush, at the end of the episode.
  • Brutal Honesty – Rush about Sgt. Spencer.
    Rush: ...he was hoarding water and food, involved in several confrontations, I doubt you'll find many tears shed over this man.
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  • Cliffhanger – the episode ends with Rush staring up at the sky of the planet he's been marooned on, as this the midseason finale.
  • Courtroom Episode
  • Driven to Suicide - Sergeant Spencer's apparent suicide sets off the plot, though the crew doesn't figure it out until much later in the episode.
  • Frame-Up - When the gun is found, Scott insists that it was concealed in Young's quarters as part of a frameup. As it turns out, it was: Rush planted the gun to get Young out of charge.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Rush's justification for his attempted Frame-Up of Young.
  • Kangaroo Court – not deliberately, but there are less than 80 people on Destiny, and none of them are actually lawyers or police, so they're making it up as they go.
  • Left for Dead – Rush
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown – Young, to Rush, after Rush admitted framing him because Rush thinks he's dangerous in his position of commander of the ship.
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  • Oh, Crap! - The look on Rush's face when he regains consciousness on the alien planet...hours after the sun has set.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Young allows the hearings to go forward, even though Wray is obviously biased against him, because he knows stopping it will just make him look even more guilty to the rest of the crew.
  • Wham Line - When Young and Rush are alone at the alien crash site.
    Young: I know it was you.

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