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Recap / Star Wars: The Clone Wars Mandalore Arc

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Warning! This story arc recap page contains unmarked spoilers! Read at your own peril!

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Plot summary

Rise of Death Watch

Obi-Wan arrives at Sundari on Mandalore, and is escorted via speeder to meet Duchess Satine. He is met by Prime Minister Almec, who claims Mandalore's violence died out with the warriors on Concordia, Mandalore's moon. Satine arrives, and she and Obi-Wan engage in a brief, flirtatious conversation (mixed with mild aversion) before Obi-Wan shows her a hologram of a figure in Mandalorian armor attacking a Republic cruiser. Satine assures him that she is not behind the attack, and she and Obi-Wan set out for a tour of the city.They travel to a garden, where Satine tells Obi-Wan about a Mandalorian splinter group called Death Watch, which is opposed to Satine's peaceful ways. She claims she has worked to root out the group of criminals, and has tracked them to Concordia.

Meanwhile, on Concordia, a man in Mandalorian armor is conversing with a holoimage of Count Dooku, who has promised to support Death Watch. They plan to rally more citizens to their cause so they can overthrow the Duchess.


Back on Mandalore, Satine and Obi-Wan are touring the gardens when there is an explosion. Satine and Obi-Wan rush in to rescue the injured and see a hologram showing the crest of Death Watch. Obi-Wan spots a man fleeing the scene and pursues him through the gardens. After a brief struggle, the man jumps off a balcony, preferring to commit suicide rather than being kidnapped and interrogated by the Jedi. However, Satine and Obi-Wan manage to reach the dying man on the lower floor, a few seconds before his decease, when the Mandalorian whispers his last words to the Duchess in the dialect of Concordia.

Mandalorian Death Watch firing at Obi-Wan and Satine.Obi-Wan and Satine travel to the moon, and are greeted by Governor Pre Vizsla. The Jedi decides to secretly investigate the situation on Concordia and gives Satine an earpiece so they can communicate, then takes a speeder bike and travels to one of the moon's supposedly nonoperational mines, where, after a small scuffle, he is captured by two armed Mandalorians. He then contacts Satine, who is drinking with Vizsla, pretending Obi-Wan is meditating in his chamber and is going to join them in a few minutes. She excuses herself, and sets off on a speeder bike towards the mine, where she shuts down the mining machine which would have crushed Kenobi. They escape through a turbolift, but are cut off by a group of Death Watch members in armor. The group's leader orders an evacuation of the mines, then reveals his face. It is Governor Vizsla, who has been plotting against Satine and the Jedi. He gives Kenobi's lightsaber back to him, then brandishes his own Darksaber. They duel, and Vizsla is defeated. He orders his warriors to kill Kenobi, who escapes with Satine down the turbolift shaft. They journey back to Sundari, where Obi-Wan tells Satine he believes the Separatists are aiding Death Watch. But despite the evidence, Satine vows to stay out of the war. Anakin arrives to report for duty, and he and Obi-Wan join Satine aboard her starship.


Aboard the Coronet, Obi-Wan and Anakin brief clone troopers on the situation. The clones and the astromech droid R2-D2 are told that the safety of the Duchess Satine Kryze is of the utmost importance. They are also told to search for any suspicious activity aboard the ship that may point to Death Watch or the Separatists. Obi-Wan and Anakin are summoned to meet with the duchess, and Anakin discerns from Obi-Wan's tenseness that he and Satine were once close. Upon arrival, Obi-Wan and Satine discuss the nature of the war; Satine stubbornly wishes to remain neutral despite potential Separatist involvement, but Obi-Wan warns her that may not be an option.As the Coronet jumps into hyperspace, the clones Redeye and Mixer are attacked by an Assassin probe. Rex contacts Obi-Wan when he is unable to find the two clones, and Anakin goes to help them in their search. They discover a cargo crate that is mysteriously open and the contents missing. Anakin updates Obi-Wan, who is dining with Satine and numerous Senators. Anakin and the clones discover the Assassin probe and destroy it, but another makes its way up a turbolift towards the dining area. Obi-Wan destroys the second probe, and both parties are then attacked by numerous small probe killer droids which were being stored in the larger ones. The probe killers are destroyed in the following battle, and Anakin later learns from a protocol droid that the box containing the droids was ordered on board by one of the four Senators now aboard the ship; Obi-Wan discovers one assassin droid left alive, and decides to perform an experiment. Holding the droid in a dinner plate, he presents to it each of the four Senators, one at a time. The droid attempts to attack Senators Orn Free Taa, Onaconda Farr, and Kin Robb, but remains calm when near Tal Merrik, the Senator from Kalevala, exposing him as the traitor. Merrik takes Satine hostage, and escapes the room. As Anakin and the clones finish destroying all the assassin droids, Merrik makes his way to the cockpit, where he murders the crew. He pulls the ship out of hyperspace and contacts Pre Vizsla, who sends three boarding ships filled with B2 super battle droids to reinforce Merrik on the Coronet.


As Anakin, Rex, Cody, the clones, and Satine's royal guard hold off the droids, Obi-Wan attempts to arrest Merrik. However, Merrik has rigged the engines of the ship with explosives, and warns Obi-Wan to stay back, or he will detonate the explosives. Satine begs Obi-Wan to stand his ground, and the Jedi follows at a distance as Merrik drags Satine towards one of the boarding ships. Satine confesses to Obi-Wan that she loves him; Obi-Wan admits that he would have left the Jedi Order for her, to which Merrik responds with disgust. Satine manages to escape Merrik's grasp and steal his blaster. Merrik begins to taunt Satine and the Jedi, sneering that neither one of them are brave enough to kill him, as if Satine kills him, she will betray her pacifist views, while if Kenobi kills him, he will lose Satine's respect. Obi-Wan and Satine both hesitate, but before they can act, Anakin runs Merrik through with his lightsaber from behind, killing him.

The Coronet finally arrives on Coruscant, where Palpatine congratulates the Jedi on their work. Satine approaches Obi-Wan and casually flirts with him, remarking with skepticism on his beard (which she says hides too much of his handsome face), and Anakin and Obi-Wan admire Satine as she boards a speeder and departs.

Count Dooku, aboard a Munificent-class star frigate, discusses the final plans via hologram with Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla regarding Death Watch's plan to take over the neutral, peace loving world of Mandalore. He is on Concordia at the Death Watch hideout and his men are assembling themselves to prepare for the planetary invasion. Dooku instructs Vizsla to send a Death Watch assassin to Coruscant to kill the Duchess Satine Kryze. A New Mandalorian scout is hiding in the hills, spying on the operation down below with a pair of electrobinoculars, and hurries back to report his findings to Almec in Sundari. He reports to have found the Death Watch army, which is preparing for battle. He claims the Death Watch will never have the strength required to conquer Mandalore without the people's support. To this, Almec states that if Mandalore is under the Galactic Republic's occupation, it will "turn the Death Watch from terrorists to liberators in the eyes of the people." The scout asks how to keep the Republic forces offworld, to which the Prime Minister claims that their fate rests with Satine.The Galactic Senate is in session in the Grand Convocation Chamber. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine addresses rising concern about Death Watch, declaring it a "significant, deadly threat." Satine intervenes, saying that Mandalore is putting great effort into finding the leaders of the group, who are unable to gain control of the planet, and it will be achieved without the use of violence. She stresses further violence will ensue in the event of Republic military involvement with these affairs. To back his argument for occupation, the Chancellor presents a hologram message from Deputy Minister Jerec; Jerec states a civil war is amidst the Mandalorians. Satine is shocked by his words, as he was a close friend of hers. Knowing something is not right with the recoding she just witnessed, she requests to see Jerec at once, only to learn he was killed in a Death Watch bombing on Kalevala that morning. Palpatine states this as an even greater reason to defend Mandalore, yet Satine refutes the idea of a Republic occupation, fearing it will bring the war to them. Announcing the vote will take place next session, he dismisses the senate.

As the Duchess exits the building, Obi-Wan Kenobi hurries to catch up with her to express his concern for her well being. He says she shouldn't be making any decisions while in hysteria, as he believes anyone would be after what she has been through. She exclaims more people should be hysterical so they stand up when the Republic intrudes on their rights. After the two bicker some more, her ride arrives and she and her guard depart. While midflight, a Death Watch assassin triggers an explosive hidden aboard the vehicle causing her pilot, Aramis, to lose control. Satine and her guards manage to jump onto a nearby landing platform, only to see the pilot and speeder smash into a building only moments later in a fiery explosion.

At night, in Palpatine's office, Satine attempts to convince Palpatine that the malfunction was not an accident but her speeder had been tampered with. He dismisses it as simply an accident, despite the fact that it occurred the same day she openly defended her planet. Mas Amedda agrees with Satine, but only to further justify the need to handle Death Watch whereas her government couldn't. Upon exiting the office, Obi-Wan approaches her to inquire about the recent accident. She expresses disgust with the political structure of the Republic, the Chancellor and Mas Amedda in particular, but tells her Jedi friend that she is all right. In the middle of the discussion, Senator Padmé Amidala informs them that the Senate, eager to vote after hearing the news of Satine's assassination attempt, had just voted in favor of Mandalore's occupation and that the ships are planned to leave at sunrise.

In Sector GL 5 of the Coruscant Underworld, Satine, now in a red hooded cloak to conceal her identity, meets with Davu Golec, a fellow Mandalorian and her contact who obtained important information from the Ministry of Intelligence. He hands her a card with the full recording of Jerec's message, telling her the one shown to the Senate earlier was botched. A Death Watch assassin who had been following Golec, the same one responsible for her speeder crash, snipes him clear in the chest, killing him. The Duchess quickly pulls out her droid deactivator in defense, only to be mistook for a blaster by a police probes who assumes she shot Golec and mark her as a criminal. Lucky for Satine, had the probe not intervened, the assassin would have had a clear shot at her too. She flees from a pair of police droids and the probe who are soon joined by two Coruscant Guards, this whole time she is still being pursued by an assassin. After some time, she pulls out her deactivator and fires it at the probe, causing it to crash to the ground and the other law enforcers to trip over it, taking out both droids; she uses this opportunity to melt away into the crowd. Not long after, she manages to make them lose her trail.

At the Death Watch hideout on Concordia, the assassin informs Pre Vizsla that he has killed a contact of Satine's and had witnessed a handoff between the two, but the ruler of Mandalore still lives. An angered Vizsla demands her to be found. Aboard a Munificent-class star frigate Dooku informs his master that Death Watch is ready to fight off the Republic forces when they arrive, and the splinter group will be viewed as saviors by the people. Darth Sidious expresses concern about possible interference by the Duchess Satine, but is assured by Dooku that a Death Watch assassin will take care of her.

Hiding in the alleys of Coruscant, Satine contacts Obi-Wan via comlink. The two meet up, and she hands the card with the original recording to the Jedi Master. They depart together but are followed by the assassin. In an alleyway the assassin tosses a thermal detonator at them, but Obi-Wan notices in time to push Satine out of the way and jump to his own safety. The determined Death Watch assassin jumps down to finish Satine, but Obi-Wan starts to fight him. Finally, Obi-Wan manages to use the Force to toss the assassin over the edge of the walkway, but the attacker activates his jetpack in time before smashing into the ground and makes an escape.

At the Senate Building, Satine approaches the Senate Commandos guarding the entrance to turn herself in to buy time for Kenobi to walk in unnoticed. As Chancellor Palpatine is scanning the Great Convocation Chamber for any objections to Mandalore's occupation, Senator Amidala speaks up, displaying the full recording that Satine had handed to Kenobi, who is present in her repulsorpod, and in turn to the senator. Palpatine quickly grimaces as he watches the recording, then returns his expression to a smile. The recording explains that Mandalorian government has been preparing for any possible confrontation with Death Watch and the reason why they cannot ask for Republic support with the situation being so fragile.

At the Death Watch base, a siren is blaring and a voice repeatedly orders all troops to stand down. Infuriated, Pre Vizsla complains to Dooku that his promise of Death Watch's rise to power on Mandalore failed. He opts to invade the planet alone, only for Dooku to state that he'd only be able to hold Mandalore for only a day if he proceeds without backing from either the planet or the CIS. He dismisses the matter, stating the CIS can achieve its goals by other means. Vizsla continues to angrily stare at the Dark Lord of the Sith through the hologram.

Back in the Chancellor's office, Palpatine thanks Padmé for the new information that eliminates the current need for Mandalore's occupation. She gives all the credit to Satine, who enters at that moment. She is informed by the senator from Naboo that the senate held an emergency session and voted to revoke the previously agreed upon occupation of Mandalore. Palpatine apologizes to her for the recent series of events and praises her for her loyalty to the Republic. Padmé asks for the Chancellor and Vice Chair Mas Amedda to join her in carrying out the senate's recent decision. Satine holds Obi-Wan behind to thank him for his assistance, but expresses her remaining confusion regarding the recent events. The Jedi lacks an answer, but assures her that, as she said to him before, "things are changing."

Corruption on Mandalore

While Duchess Satine's endeavor to keep Mandalore out of the Clone Wars was successful, her world now faces an economic crisis: due to the raging war it no longer receives vital supply shipments, and she has pleaded with the Senate to allow trade routes to be opened since smuggling, in combination with corruption, has become the only way of shipping in the needed supplies. Padmé Amidala travels to the New Mandalorians' capital city, Sundari, to assure Satine of the aid from helpful factions in the Galactic Senate. She is greeted by all the Mandalorians of the city as she goes to Satine's palace, but at the same time a band of Moogan smugglers land on the cargo docks and bribe a corrupt customs officer into turning a blind eye on them. In order to increase their profits by quantity, the smugglers dilute the delivered tea with a toxic chemical called slabin once on-planet.

Prime Minister Almec, reluctant to acknowledge any corrupt activityPadmé and Satine soon find themselves in a difficult situation as none of the New Mandalorian ministry council members can agree on a common stand about asking the Republic for aid, since corruption is widespread in its political system — an issue which worries the two women. The next day, Satine takes Padmé to a newly opened hospital, but they are horrified to discover a vast number of ailing children inside who have been poisoned with an unknown substance. The only clue is that all the affected children visit the same school, so the cause is believed to be related to the food they have been served.Prime Minister Almec suspects the Death Watch for this deed, which Satine refuses to believe since they mostly target her and the administration. She assigns her personal bodyguards to investigate the outbreak, while she and Padmé also conduct some snooping of their own. At the school, they check out the tea drinks and find the chemical within, and try to use the delivery import logs to backtrack their source of origin. At this, the school's superintendent tries to sneak off but is arrested by Satine's guards, and forced to talk. He tells them the name of the middleman through whom he received the drinks: Siddiq, an employee of a shipping company.

While Siddiq is rather indifferent to the children's plight, he does provide Satine and Padmé with the information that the tea shipment came from Mooga and that another shipment is expected to arrive the same night. Padmé, Satine, and one of the Ducal guards sneak to the pier in question and witness the shipment's arrival and the complicity of the customs officer. The police captain is in stubborn denial of Satine and Padmé's observation, claiming that no criminal activity takes place under his jurisdiction, but when taken to the dock warehouse where the tea is stored and seeing the operation for himself, he is quickly swayed. The smugglers open fire at the arrest party, but using a freight container as a shield, Padmé and the guards move in and take them out, and following the arrest of the conspirators, Satine has the warehouse and its contents burned down.

When Satine and Padmé report to Almec, however, the Prime Minister is strangely reluctant to acknowledge the corruption within the Mandalorian government and merely promises to have the matter investigated. As Padmè prepares to leave, Satine suggests to her to send a Jedi as an undercover agent at the academy, and Padmé promises to bring the matter before Master Yoda.

Anakin Skywalker escorts his Padawan Ahsoka Tano to Mandalore for her undercover assignment: to investigate the corruption within the government and also to teach aspiring cadets the ways of lawful and public-serving conduct. She was chosen specifically so, by her status as a learner and her youth, she could serve as a role model for the students. At the landing platform the two are welcomed by Duchess Satine herself, Prime Minister Almec, and the cadets Korkie (the Duchess' own nephew), Amis, and Lagos. Due to Obi-Wan Kenobi's previous encounters with the Death Watch on the planet, a no-weapons order has been issued, and Ahsoka is forced to surrender her lightsaber to her master, who leaves to rendezvous with fellow Jedi Kit Fisto.

Ahsoka begins teaching classes, including Korkie and his friends, about the nature of corruption and their duty as lawful citizens to combat it. Later that evening, Korkie, Amis, Lagos, and Soniee talk about Ahsoka's lesson and Korkie muses over the rationing of the Academy's food supplies. They sneak off to a warehouse and stumble upon a clandestine meeting between three Mandalorian officers, three Gotals, and a humanoid figure wreathed in a robe and hood, who unfortunately has his back turned to the young cadets. They manage to get a holocam recording, but a blunder by Amis exposes the quartet; they narrowly manage to leave, but Soniee's laptop terminal is found by the conspirators.

The next morning, the cadets visit Satine and report their discovery. While Satine believes them, she cautions them to hold back as they are still too young and untrained for this sort of thing, suspecting that the conspiracy runs even deeper. The cadets do not take this dismissal kindly and choose to ask Almec for help. In class, Ahsoka notices that the four are distracted and learns of their plans, but her own well-meaning words of caution dispirits the young cadets even more.

The same night, as the cadets prepare to meet with the Prime Minister, they are met by members of the Mandalorian Secret Service, who attempt to arrest them for treason and conspiracy, but Ahsoka steps in and drives them away. By analyzing the holo-recording of the warehouse meeting, the cadets and Ahsoka discover to their surprise that the cloaked figure from the warehouse is Almec himself. As the five rush off to inform Satine, they find her missing and her bodyguards dead. Desperate, the cadets turn to Ahsoka for leadership, who devises a cunning plan: By pretending that she has arrested the cadets and voicing the suspicion that Satine is involved, she apparently gains Almec's trust but fails to learn of the Duchess' whereabouts. While Almec leaves to prepare a public statement, Ahsoka enters the prison under the pretense of wanting to conduct an interrogation, informs the cadets about the changes in her plan, and via Force suggestion makes one of the guards take her to Satine's cell. But unfortunately, it turns out to be a trap; Almec has been waiting for this to happen, the officers prove to be resistant to Jedi mind tricks, and Ahsoka is hit by a stun blast and captured.

Almec proceeds to gloat over having established the black market system on Mandalore, self-indulgently claiming it was done out of humanitarian considerations. He tries to make the Duchess sign a confession of treason, which she refuses, so Almec has Korkie and the others brought to him to persuade her otherwise. When he prepares to have Korkie fit with a shock collar, Ahsoka and the cadets start a fight, and though outnumbered and handcuffed, they manage to overpower the guards and clamp a shock collar on Almec himself, forcing him to give up. After the conspirators are arrested, Ahsoka departs from her new friends, following her master back into the war while exchanging a few of their usual snippy comments about her assignment.

Peace conference between the Republic and the Separatist Alliance

The first meeting between the delegates from both sides is held in the throne room of Duchess Satine Kryze, where Padmé Amidala, accompanied by Ahsoka, Senators Bail Organa and Mon Mothma, and R2-D2 is hard-pressed in negotiating mutually acceptable terms as the Separatists, chiefly Voe Atell, argue for the legitimation of the Separatists’ government before peace can be found. To the surprise of most of the attendants, however, an unexpected new arrival, Lux Bonteri – now a junior senator –, enters the throne room and, with the Duchess’ permission, delivers an embittered accusation against Count Dooku for his involvement in the murder of his mother before the Separatist delegates have him thrown out. Fearing that he will be executed for voicing the truth, Padmé sends Ahsoka after Lux.

Lux is taken to the vessel which brought the Separatist delegation to Mandalore and before the holographic projection of Count Dooku, who denies any involvement in Mina’s death and indeed commands Lux to be executed for treason. At the last minute, Lux is saved by Ahsoka, who, even when deprived of her lightsabers for the durations of the negotiations, fights their way past the ship’s droid crew and use the Republican delegate transport to escape the planet altogether. But when Ahsoka prepares to bring Lux to Coruscant to grant him asylum, Lux draws a blaster on her, saying that while he has renounced the Separatist cause, he will not join the Republic either, but pursue a different way instead. He has made contact with a “group” based on Carlac and joined their cause in order to enlist their help in getting revenge on Dooku. Ahsoka proves still determined to take him to Republic territory. Reluctantly, Lux then zaps her unconscious and takes control of the ship.

Descent of Death Watch

Ahsoka awakes inside the ship on the wintery surface of Carlac, bereft of her lightsabers. Seeing Lux lingering outside, she joins him, only to come into contact with the organization he has joined forces with: Death Watch. When the leader of the welcoming committee, Bo-Katan, asks about Ahsoka’s identity, she quickly announces herself as Lux’s betrothed, but despite hopes to the contrary, she and R2, who has in the meantime found Ahsoka’s lightsabers where Lux had hidden them, are taken along and brought to a Death Watch outpost to meet their leader. Once they are left alone, Lux has the opportunity to explain his plan to Ahsoka: He had purposely accused Dooku in order to trace back Dooku’s current location once the Count would contact him via hologram, and now intends to lead the Death Watch, who have apparently had a falling out with Dooku themselves, to the Count in order to kill him. When Ahsoka vehemently begins to point out the true 'virtues' of Death Watch to Lux, the Death Watch leader, Pre Vizsla, suddenly arrives, and in order to shut Ahsoka up before she gives herself away, Lux draws her into his arms and kisses her. Ahsoka is subsequently asked to leave the tent, and Lux hands over the information the holotracer has gathered.

Meanwhile, R2 has been recruited by the Death Watch to repair their batch of battle droids, whom they use for both target practice and cruel sport, while Ahsoka is put to work with a number of young female natives who are kept by the Death Watch as slaves. That night, as the Death Watch is holding a celebration, the chieftain of the nearby village, Pieter, whose granddaughter Tryla is one of the slaves, arrives and demands that the Death Watch shall return their captives and leave Carlac next morning. The Death Watch does come to the village with the women. But after surrendering Tryla to her grandfather, Vizsla draws his darksaber and kills Tryla. He commands that the village and its people are put to the torch. Ahsoka takes up the fight against the Mandalorians, but is quickly restrained and taken captive.

However, R2, who has just finished fixing the Death Watch droids, witnesses Ahsoka in bonds and persuades his new friends to help free her. Vizsla prepares to execute Ahsoka, but timely R2 draws up a diversion, frees Ahsoka and returns her lightsabers, allowing her to behead the four Mandalorians subduing her and take up a proper fight against Vizsla. She and Lux are soon joined by the droids, who keep the renegade Mandalorians busy while Ahsoka and Lux escape on a speeder. Even though put under tenacious pursuit and attack by Bo-Katan and two of her men, Ahsoka and Lux manage to get back to the ship, take off and escape the planet. But as the ship makes for Coruscant, Ahsoka quickly learns that Lux is about to leave the ship aboard an escape pod. She is unable to dissuade Lux from leaving, and with the promise to meet again, Lux launches the pod, leaving Ahsoka behind.


  • Actual Pacifist: Deconstructed. Satine is one through being bound and determined to keep her people out of the war, but she leads the planet Mandalore, whose people were once some of the most feared warriors in the galaxy. The Mandalorian splinter group Death Watch violently disagrees with her and hope to return their planet to its past ways.
  • Arc Welding: In the series's fifth season, both the Mandalore arc gets tied together with the Brothers side of the Nightsisters And Brothers arc.
    • "A Friend in Need" very loosely ties the Peace Negotiations arc to this story arc.
  • Alien Non-Interference Clause: The Separatists try to make it appear as though they are helping the Death Watch (which they are, but not to the extent they want it to seem) so that the Republic will not see it as a manageable internal Mandalore situation. This would lead to a Republic occupation of Mandalore to restore order, but that would turn the population of Mandalore against the Republic, which the Death Watch could use to rally support and conquer the planet with a mass uprising.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension/Unresolved Sexual Tension: There is a certain degree of sexual tension between Obi-Wan and Satine.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: It is eventually revealed that almost every named official in Duchess Satine's government is a traitor or corrupt in some way. Pre Viszla, governor of Concordia, is the leader of Death Watch and senator Tal Merrik is in league with him. Prime Minister Almec controls the black market on Mandalore, supplied with smuggled goods and protected by bribes and corrupt security officials. Satine never suspects any of them until they are exposed by other characters.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: In "The Mandalore Plot", the Mandalorian Death Watch straps Obi-Wan to a Conveyor Belt o' Doom in order to make his death look like an accident.
  • One-Man Army: An unidentified Death Watch commando in "The Mandalore Plot" single-handedly attempts to take an entire Republic cruiser out of commission. He does not quite succeed, but kills himself rather than be captured and interrogated, and it is implied he came within a hair's breadth of completing his mission.
  • Reality Ensues: Being an Actual Pacifist doesn't do much for your popularity when you're traditionally a warrior culture or when you run into people that will see "pacifist" and think "target", as Satine Kryze and her New Mandalorian faction finds out during this story arc.
  • Snark-to-Snark Combat: Obi-Wan and Satine tend to do this to each other left, right, and center.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality/Tsundere: Satine is this towards Obi-Wan.
  • Traitor Shot: Palpatine at the end of "Duchess of Mandalore", when the evidence that undoes the Separatist plot is revealed.
  • Woman Scorned: Satine occasionally acts like she's still upset with Obi-Wan for choosing the Jedi Order over her.
  • You Have Failed Me: Pre Vizsla casually kills one of his men for failing to kill Obi-Wan in "The Mandalore Plot". Death Watch themselves get hit with this by Dooku for failing to get rid of Satine. They survived, but now they're independent.


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