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Recap / Spirit: Riding Free

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Season 1

Lucky and the Unbreakable Spirit
  • Shoo the Dog: After saving Pru and Abigail from the explosion, Lucky decides to set Spirit free since she believes the stallion is meant to be Wild.
  • Close On The Title
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: During Lucky’s first ride on Spirit, her braided ponytail unravels and her hair flies out to its natural length matching the moment Lucky realizes she loves horseback riding.
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  • Gilligan Cut: Aunt Cora presents Lucky with a formal pink dress which Lucky refuses to wear.
    Lucky: Oh no! There’s no way I’m wearing that dress.(Cut to Lucky walking to school while wearing the pink dress)
  • Racing the Train: While Lucky is riding Spirit for the first time, she and Spirit manage to cross the railroad tracks before an oncoming train.
Lucky and the Treacherous Trail
  • Instant Expert: Lucky thinks that just because she is capable of riding Spirit, she has what it takes to ride any horse. Yet, she still has a lot to learn about horseback riding.
  • You Are Grounded: Though Lucky and Spirit and Spirit are responsible for breaking the carrol fence, Mr. Granger holds Pru responsible for letting the incident occur. He is so disappointed in his daughter that he deprived her from participating on the Saddle Club trail ride.
    • Mr. Granger: You’re grounded from the ride, and that’s final.
Lucky and the Mysterious Map
  • Bears Are Bad News: The PALS get attacked by a bear in the cave where they find the treasure.

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