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Lucky Prescott

Voiced by: Amber Frank

  • Ambiguously Brown: Subverted! Lucky bears a striking resemblance to her mother, Milagro, who was a Hispanic woman from Mexico. However, Lucky has lighter skin than her mother had.
  • Butt-Monkey: Lucky experiences some misfortunes. The pilot episode has Lucky forced to wear a formal puffy dress. At school, Lucky has trouble fitting into her desk because of her dress, and then when she finally sits down her dress flips up. She has more misfortunes occur to her in “Lucky and the Wayward Wedding,” accidentally losing a bouquet which gets eaten by Senor Carrots; getting her face smashed into the wedding cake; riding on a runaway carriage; and getting captured by her worst enemy, Butch Le Pray. Snips manages to outsmart her in many ways throughout “Lucky and the Escape Artist.”
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  • Expository Hairstyle Change: In the first episode, Lucky's braid comes loose as she rides Spirit for the first time.
  • Missing Mom: Her mother died prior to the series. Later seasons reveal she was a famous acrobat, and that the danger aspect of it may have contributed to her final fate.
  • Only the Chosen May Wield: Lucky is the only one who can ride Spirit.
  • Overly Long Name: Her full name is Fortuna Esperanza Navarro Prescott.
  • Red Is Heroic: In the winter, Lucky wears a red coat and bean cap.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Headstrong and adventurous Lucky to Sweet and gentle Abigail as well as elegant but snooty Maricela.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: Lucky is headstrong, adventurous, and courageous. With her passion for horseback riding, she has a wild spirit. She normally wears causal clothes, but she’ll wear a dress on formal occasions, such as for the governor’s ball.


  • Adult Fear: Spirit gets fearful whenever he knows Lucky is in danger, such as when Lucky gets captured by Butch Lepray and when Lucky nearly freezes in a frozen lake.
  • From Stray to Pet: Spirit was born in the wild. After being captured by wranglers, he befriends Lucky and becomes her companion.
  • Legacy Character: This isn't the same horse from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimaron, but his son. Like his father, he earns the same name as him for more or less the same reasons.
  • Lighter and Softer: While he still has his father's fierce independent personality, he also has some of his mother's gentler aspects, which allows him to bond with Lucky.
  • Moody Mount: Being a wild horse, Spirit will not allow anyone to ride his back. Lucky, who Spirit trusts most is the only human Spirit will allow to ride his back. Lucky always rides him bareback because Spirit doesn’t like wearing a saddle.
  • Papa Wolf: As far as being fond of Lucky, Spirit is very protective of her.
    • The first time he saves Lucky’s life is in “Lucky and the Treacherous Trail” when she nearly falls off a cliff.
    • Spirit saves Lucky from a speeding handcar in time before it runs off a cliff.
    • Spirit defends Lucky whenever his rival, Smoke tries to attack her.
    • Spirit tries to attack Grayson for bullying Lucky.
    • Spirit strives to rescue Lucky from Butch Lepray.
    • Spirit fights a pack of wolves that attack Lucky and her friends.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: With the only major difference being a white blaze, Spirit greatly resembles his father.

Pru Granger

Voiced by: Sydney Park

  • Blue Is Heroic: Pru’s wardrobe consists of a blue shirt and blue jeans. She also wears a blue coat in the winter.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: On her fifth birthday, she was taken to see a circus only to be publicly humiliated.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Headstrong Pru to angelic Abigail and elegant but snooty Maricela. Pru also has her stuck up horse, Chica Linda.
  • Tomboy Ponytail: Pru always has her hair braided in a ponytail.

Abigail Stone

Voiced by: Bailey Gambertoglio

  • Butt-Monkey: Abigail has her share of bad luck.
    • During the Fiesta, she wins a huge jar of jelly beans. As she gets overexcited, she accidentally drops the jar and the jelly beans spill out.
    • Her younger brother, Snips sometimes gets the best of her by pranking her.
    • Every year on April Fools day, Abigail gets caught in the middle of the war of pranks Pru has with her father. By always showing up at the wrong time, the joke is on her. Abigail tries setting up traps for Pru and father as pranks of her own, but she keeps getting caught in her own traps.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Abigail wears something pink very often as a representation of her feminism. She is the most feminine girl of the PALS. She wears a light pink shirt as part of her main wardrobe. “Lucky and the Cowboy Next Door” has Abigail wear a darker pink shirt during the night festival. On formal occasions, she wears a pink dress.
  • The Ditz: Abigail is sweet and naive.


Voiced by: Darcy Rose Byrnes

  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Maricela is very snooty and self-centered. She often antagonizes the PALS. Yet, there are some occasions when she shows concern for them, such as in “Lucky and the Deadly Blizzard” when she worries that Lucky will not survive the blizzard alone. She also considers herself a friend to Lucky.

Jim Prescott

Voiced by: Nolan North

  • Good Parents: Jim cares deeply for his daughter, Lucky, especially since she resembles his wife, Milagro, who he lost long ago. When Spirit is captured by Grayson, Jim tries to buy Spirit from him only for Grayson to refuse his handsome fee. After Grayson sells Spirit to the auction house, Jim tries to buy him at the auction. Even though he fails to buy Spirit, he doesn’t give up until Spirit and Lucky are back together. When his father decides to take Lucky back to the city, Jim stands up to him while refusing to have his only child taken away from him.
  • Papa Wolf: Jim stands up to his own father when he threatens to take Lucky back to the city with him out of concern for her tomboy nature. His father pushes him around, but Jim puts his foot down for once.

Milagro Prescott


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