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Recap / Sherlock S3 E0 "Many Happy Returns"

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This mini-episode shows how the people in the life of Sherlock are two years after his jump in the finale of Series 2. We see Anderson being obsessed with Sherlock, showing inspector Lestrade numerous news articles of mysteriously solved cases, of which he says can only have been solved by Sherlock himself. Lestrade, however, is convinced that Sherlock's dead, and tells Anderson off. After this, Lestrade goes to John Watson, to return to him a few things of Sherlock that were still lying around at the office. One of the items was an unedited video of Sherlock, where he excused himself for not being at John's birthday party, a few years back. At the end of this video, he promises to see him soon.


  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: According to Anderson, no matter where Sherlock goes, he has to solve crimes, his way. This proves to Anderson that not only is Sherlock alive, but that he is slowly making his way back to London.
  • Epileptic Trees: In-universe. How Anderson's theory sounds to Lestrade: A breakaway sect of Buddhist warrior monks infiltrated by a blonde drug smuggler?!
  • The Faceless: The monk in the opening scene. Apparently it's Sherlock.
  • Hollywood Law: A scene takes place in a Hamburg jury room regarding a murder case. However, there is no jury system in Germany (not as it exists in the UK and America); verdicts are decided by professional judges. However, the man at the head of the table does state that "this jury was convened under highly unusual circumstances" - possibly because the writers were well aware of Germany's lack of a jury system and wanted to Hand Wave the jury's existence.
  • Rogue Juror: Sherlock is depicted to be the single non-conforming juror in the Hamburg case.
  • The Television Talks Back: Subverted. Sherlock has given John a video message. John states "Stop being dead" to which Sherlock says "Ok". John's reaction seems to invoke this trope, but Sherlock's statement had nothing to do with what John said.