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Recap / Pushing Daisies S 1 E 9 Corpsicle

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The Past

Eight-year-old Chuck unexpectedly loses her father. In the hours afterwards, Ned and his mother keep her company until her aunts can arrive to take care of her... and Chuck notices that her best friend seems strangely guilty about her father's death.

The Present

Chuck is horrified by Ned's revelation that he was (however inadvertently) responsible for her father's death, and runs out of the apartment they share. Between the crushing weight of his twenty-year-old guilt and the rejection of the woman he loves, Ned is shattered.

While Chuck hides from Ned, Emerson gets called to solve the deaths of insurance adjustors at Uber-Life Life Insurance Company, who are apparently getting killed in retribution for having rejected sick childrens' insurance claims.

One particular kid seems at the center of it. Teenaged heart patient Abner Newsome has been turned down six times for a heart transplant, and it's those particular adjustors that are dying.