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Recap / Power Rangers Ninja Steel S 01 E 05 Drive To Survive

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As the show opens, the Ranger teens are expressing admiration for the new motorcycle that Calvin has built from salvaged parts. But as the team waits to see him take it for a spin, he reveals that he actually can't drive, due to a phobia stemming from a childhood go-kart accident. So Sarah, as the resident "speed expert," decides to teach Calvin (and Brody) how to ride a motorbike.

Meanwhile, the MOTW, a spider named Tangleweb, infiltrates the school as a tiny spider. When Victor and Monty see it, Victor tries to stomp on it, but Tangleweb is strong enough to catch his foot and throw it back upwards, knocking Victor to the ground before growing to full size, entangling the two of them in its web, and heading out to find the Power Rangers.


But they're not in class; they're out doing motorcycle training. Brody's picking it up immediately. Calvin... not so much, zooming out of control and crashing into a trash can. He leaves in disgrace to change his damaged clothes, right in time for Tangleweb to attack the other four Rangers. They morph, but it's not enough to keep Tangleweb from swallowing Blue, White, Pink, and the motorcycle. Red puts up a good fight, but soon follows, right in time for Calvin to return and see the monster retreat.

Calvin checks in with Mick, who's just finished a new throwing star. He shows Calvin how to energize it, and Calvin believes it has something to do with riding his motorcycle, if he can just work up the courage to do it. He lets himself be swallowed by Tangleweb, then uses the new star to transform the bike into a ninja-themed motorcycle. After psyching himself up, he gets on board, morphs, and rides it hard enough to make the monster throw up, releasing him and the other Rangers. This time they're able to defeat the monster in battle, but of course it's not over yet.


Mick and Redbot notice a new vision in the Ninja Prism: a bunch of elephants. Mick throws a new star into the prism, but we cut to the monster getting gigantified before seeing what it will do. The Rangers summon their Zords for battle, but Tangleweb manages to tangle the Zords in its web, immobilizing them. Good thing Mick has a new green Zord star, which summons the Rumble Tusk Zord. It can avoid the web attack, or clean the other Zords off, by sucking the webs into its trunk, it has a humanoid mode with autocannons on each shoulder, and it can combine with the Megazord into a more powerful form, which easily finishes off the giant monster.

The episode closes on the triumphant news that Calvin has passed his driver's test and gotten his license, finally over his fear of driving, and Mick shows them a complete set of motorcycle ninja stars, which will summon the Mega Morph Cycles.




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