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Recap / Power Rangers Ninja Steel S 01 E 06 My Friend Redbot

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It's time for the school dance at Summer Cove High School. Victor, predictably, wants to use it as an opportunity to show off and impress the ladies, promising himself that this year won't be as disastrous for him as last year was.

Meanwhile, Redbot and Haylee are in the paint room, with Haylee's dog Kody along, amidst all their equipment, for some inexplicable reason. He's being disruptive, but Haylee says he just wants to play. But she doesn't have time for that; she has to go help set up for the dance. Inspired by a chivalrous romance story, Redbot asks her to the dance with him, which she can't take seriously, as he isn't even human. She thinks it's a joke, but after she leaves Redbot reveals that his feelings are hurt.


On Galaxy Warriors, we meet Badpipes, our Highland Bagpipe-themed MOTW. His "cursed music" can force his victims to dance, which he plans to use to make the rangers give him their Power Stars.

After a disastrous dancing attempt by Victor leaves Brody and Haylee's clothes covered in food, they run to the paint room to clean up, only to find Redbot gone. They find the storybook, and when Brody suggests that Haylee's refusal may have hurt his feelings, Haylee can't take it seriously, claiming that robots don't have feelings, and she has trouble believing Brody when he claims otherwise. But she does agree to go search for him with Kody, while Brody helps with the dance. But while she's out tracking down Redbot, she runs into Badpipes! He uses his music to mind-control her into almost handing over her star, before Redbot charges in and attacks to save her.


Haylee morphs and attempts to destroy Badpipes's bagpipes but, as always happens when a Ranger fights a monster one-on-one, he's too strong. He blasts Haylee, but Redbot jumps in front of it, Taking the Bullet for her. Luckily, he's only partially damaged, and he uses his jet boots so they can escape together. The rocket gives out at high altitude, though, and they crash-land in the woods. With Redbot badly damaged now, and her ninja comm also damaged in the crash, she sends Kody for help.

Redbot reboots, and after some discussion with Haylee she realizes that he does have real (or at least artificial) emotions. She summons her Mega Morph Cycle and zooms away with Redbot riding behind her.

Kody reaches the other Ranger teens, and they tell him to take them to her, not knowing she's no longer there. But they get ambushed by Badpipes and Ripcon, and Badpipes attempts to use his music to force them to hand over their stars, only to get interrupted by the returning White Ranger. Poor monster just can't catch a break! The Rangers destroy his bagpipes, then fight. Red Ranger forces Ripcon to retreat, and the others destroy Badpipes's first form, only to have him grow giant, as expected. He's easily defeated in the ensuing Megazord fight.


On the monsters' ship, we see Madame Odius secretly using the Gold Star to forcibly infuse a captive human with its power.

At the school dance, Monty has made "a pair of automatic dancing shoes" for Victor. No way this could possibly backfire horribly on him. At least, not until they short-circuit and he's carried along, dancing uncontrollably. After they exit, Haylee heads back to the paint room to dance with Redbot, to his delight.



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