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Recap / Power Rangers Ninja Steel S 01 E 04 Presto Change O

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Preston is practicing a magic show, only for Victor to come along and spoil it. However, while putting his stuff away, he finds out he can now do actual magic, pulling 2 rabbits out of his hat. Going to have a word with the others, Preston demonstrates his abilities by freezing a drink while it was falling, and then unfreezing it on command. Mick says this is a side effect of having the ninja power stars. That the stars are reacting to his natural interests, thus giving Preston real magic abilities.


Called away to a new alert, Galvanax himself emerges on earth, asking Brody why he would run away from him when he "took him in." Brody responds sharply that he kidnapped him after destroying his father, the other rangers soon joining him. While clearly intimidated by him, they talk back to him as well, and though Galvanax is more than ready to fight all 5 rangers on his own, Madame Oedious stops him. She reminds him that he has his fans to think of, and that if he is knocked down or seen as weak due to being "out of practice" he could lose everything. As such, Galvanax tells Brody he'll be happy to face him one on one when the time comes, but for now, sends out a new champion to battle them: Slogre.


This Episode provides examples of....

  • Pull a Rabbit out of My Hat: Preston pulling two additional rabbits out of his hat (when he shows he has one in a cage) is proof that he can do actual magic now.
  • Pure Of Heart: Preston needs to use his magic for noble or entertaining reasons rather than to feed his own ego.
  • Slave to PR: The reason this season why Galvanax won't engage directly with the rangers.
  • Trash Talk: While intimidated by Galvanax, the rangers engage in some of this in order to boost their own spirits.

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