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Recap / My Hero Academia S2E25 "Encounter"

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Following the completion of their final exams, Aizawa announces to the class that they will all be going to summer camp, even the ones that failed. Some members of the class decide to go shopping at a mall to have fun and buy supplies for the trip. Left on his own, however, Midoriya is cornered by Shigaraki, and the following exchange inspires Shigaraki's villainy.


  • Character Development: The whole point of this episode was to give Tomura a motivation. In the end, his answer is to destroy the peace that was created by All Might.
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  • Evil Counterpart: If earlier moments didn't get this point across already, this episode makes it quite obvious that Tomura is being set up as this to Midoriya.
  • Oh, Crap!: Izuku, when he realizes the identity of the hoodie-clad man who's approached him at the shopping mall and now has his hand on his neck...
  • The Reveal: This is the first time we see Tomura's face completely unobscured. Viewers will probably be eager to see it covered up again.
  • Season Finale: Of season 2. It's basically a cooldown episode following the Final Exams while setting up the next arc for season 3, which is the School Trip.


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