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Recap / Mina and The Count

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This is a list of episodes of Mina and The Count, which aired from November 5, 1995 to July 17, 1999 with 6 shorts.

  1. Interlude with a Vampire: After a young girl named Mina Harper goes to bed for the night, Vlad the Count visits her. First coming to suck out the blood of a teenage girl. But by his servant Igor's mistake, Vlad ended up in Mina's room.
  2. The Ghoul’s Tribunal: Vlad's friends come over to play some cards but discover that he hangs around with Mina and drag him for the Ghoul's Tribunal while Igor tries to figure out a way to fix what he had done.
  3. The Vampire Who Came to Dinner: Vlad is invited by Mina to dinner along with her older sister Lucy and her father. But when Vlad meets Lucy, he becomes very tempted with her blood, and she even has a crush on Vlad. And to make things even worse, he has to eat human food too.
  4. Playing a Hunch: Vlad had invited Mina over, although Igor didn't want that anymore. So Vlad tries to hide Mina so that Igor won't discover that Mina is in the castle.
  5. My Best Friend: Mina is bullied by Nick at her school, so she asks Vlad for advice against bullies. She tries several things, but nothing worked. And so, Vlad decides to take matters in his own hands.
  6. FrankenFrog: After Mina and Vlad "revive" Mina's doll, she wants to do the same at dissection day with the frog Nick had cut apart. However, everyone at school is terrified of the frog and chaos ensues. So Vlad heads out so he can stop the frog.

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