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Recap / Mina And The Count S 1 E 6 Franken Frog

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Early in the morning, Mina is at the Count’s castle. Her doll broke so the Count performs a Frankenstein-style experiment to fix it. Igor notices it’s the Count’s bedtime and urges him to go back to sleep in his coffin.

At school, it’s frog dissection day. Nick chops up his frog. Remembering how the Count fixed her dolly, Mina decides to fix Nick’s frog. The end result is a FrankenFrog.

The FrankenFrog grows vicious and attacks the school. Seeing the destruction on TV, Igor wakes up the Count. The two sneak in the school to battle the frog.

The day is only saved though when the real Frankenstein shows up and summons the FrankenFrog back.


“FrankenFrog” contains examples of…

  • Actor Allusion: Mina’s doll looks almost exactly like Bubbles.
  • Here We Go Again!: The episode ends revealing that Mina’s doll that the Count fixed has been brought to life.
  • So Proud of You: The Count says this verbatim to Mina when he finds out she resurrected the frog.