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Recap / Law And Order S 18 E 13 Angelgrove

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Audrey Lortell, the owner of an art gallery, is found stoned to death. The detectives initially think the victim was killed because she refused to cancel an exhibition by a controversial Muslim artist. It emerges that she and the artist were having an affair, and evidence points to her teenage son Jason being the killer. Jason is a fundamentalist Christian who believes he is a prophet and receives "revelations" from God. He says he sacrificed his mother so her soul could be saved. The detectives learn that Jason is a coach at Angelgrove, a Christian summer camp led by Pastor Hensley. But video footage reveals that Angelgrove actually exists to indoctrinate kids; they are trained to hate anyone that Hensley deems an "infidel", especially Muslims. Hensley is charged with murder.


Jason testifies that Hensley convinced him it was God's will to kill Jason's mother, and had Jason take two young children to witness the murder as part of their "training." Hensley feels that Muslims are waging a holy war against Christianity, so he opened Angelgrove to indoctrinate Christian children as "warriors" in the fight against Islam. He believes Jason has been chosen by God to lead Christ's army, and Lortell's affair with a Muslim was designed as a test of Jason's faith. However, the jury (most of them Christians) find Hensley not guilty of all charges. Jason is sentenced to 15 years in jail, and the prosecutors can only hope Hensley won't find another "prophet" in that time.

This episode contains examples of: