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Recap / Kamen Rider Ghost Ep 16 Gorgeous The Fantastic Queen

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Written by Keiichi Hasegawa
Directed by Satoshi Morota

Takeru and Makoto are overwhelmed by Necrom’s power. Spared only by Alain needing to return after Necrom powers down. Takeru cannot understand why Alain and the other Ganma are like the way they are. He sinks into deep thought, pondering over his conversation with Alain.

Meanwhile, a strange young woman named Miwako seeks guidance at the Daitenkuuji Temple. Suddenly, her posture changes and she predicts that a young woman will be attacked in the fog. After her prediction, the Newton Eyecon suddenly flies away! Takeru chases after the runaway Eyecon in order to bring him home.


Akari and Onari wonder whether or not Miwako’s prediction is accurate. They go to the alleged crime scene where a young woman is supposed to be attacked. At the scene, they encounter a new Ganma and are attacked.

In a rush to show off the results of his training, Onari underestimates the Ganma and charges in to attack but ends up in trouble instead. Luckily, Makoto saves them in the nick of time. However, Alain arrives to deal with Specter…

  • Ascended Fanboy: Miwako turns out to be the vice-principal to the "Himiko Study Group", so being possessed by the spirit of the real Himiko was a honour to her.
  • Bullet Time: Onari gets into a The Matrix-styled bullet dodging against the Knife Ganma, which goes out great for him... until he breaks his back and falls over.
  • Call-Back: Kanon can be seen wearing a shirt reading "Charamart".
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  • Demonic Possession: First Alain uses the Necrom Eyecon to make it take control of Makoto. Then it turns out Himiko Eyecon has been taking control of Miwako periodically.
  • Product Placement: In the end of the episode: Miwako gives out Kamen Rider Ghost and Ichigo key-chains, which are pre-order bonuses for tickets for the Kamen Rider 1 movie.

Heroic Eyecons Counter: Ghost: 10 Specter: 3 Necrom: 2
Connected Heroic Souls Counter: 4
Days left 'till Takeru's death: 73

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