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Recap / Into the Dark

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    Season 1 (2018-2019) 
  • The Body (Halloween): A hitman (Tom Bateman) is dragged into a Halloween party while trying to dispose of a corpse. Hey, he has a great costume...
  • Flesh & Blood (Thanksgiving): After the death of her mother, an agoraphobic girl (Diana Silvers) begins to suspect her father (Dermot Mulroney) is a serial killer.
  • Pooka! (Christmas): An unemployed actor is hired to play the mascot for the Pooka toy, but finds that the costume’s “naughty mode” had unusual effects in him.
  • New Year, New You (New Year's): A social media star is invited by her childhood friends to a party, but it becomes clear her friends want revenge on her for driving a girl to suicide with her bullying.
  • Down (Valentine's Day): A female and male office workers are trapped in an elevator, and it becomes clear that the man is her unhinged stalker.
  • Treehouse (International Women's Day): A bullying, sexist celebrity chef (Jimmi Simpson) is attacked by witches who seek to punish him for his crimes against women.
  • I'm Just F*cking With You (April Fool's Day): Two siblings on their way to a family wedding stay at a motel, and are attacked by a deranged prankster.
  • All That We Destroy (Mother's Day): A geneticist creates clones for her son so he can release his violent tendencies.
  • They Come Knocking (Father's Day): A widower (Clayne Crawford) goes on a road trip with his two daughters, and they are attacked by a group of Creepy Children.
  • Culture Shock (Independence Day): A Mexican woman (Martha Higareda) is trapped inside a surreal suburban neighborhood after crossing the border.
  • School Spirit (back-to-school season): A group of kids in detention are a attacked by a serial killer.
  • Pure (Daughter's Day): Girls at a purity retreat are stalked by a demon after participating in a secret ritual.

    Season 2 (2019-2021) 
  • Uncanny Annie (Halloween): College students decide to play a legendary supernatural board game, and are promptly trapped inside the game and forced to play to survive the night.
  • Pilgrim (Thanksgiving): A mother invites some pilgrim re-enactors into her home, and quickly regrets it.
  • A Nasty Piece of Work (Christmas): After an employee of a massive corporation discovers he won’t receive a Christmas bonus, his boss (Julian Sands) invites him and some coworkers to a Christmas dinner where he reveals that he wants them to fight each other to the death, and whoever wins will get a promotion.
  • Midnight Kiss (New Year's): A group of gay friends and their female companion play a yearly game where they find someone to kiss on New Year's Eve- but this year, a masked stranger starts picking them off.
  • My Valentine (Valentine’s Day): Rivalry between a cast-off singer and her abusive ex's new protege comes to a violent head on the eve of what is supposed to be a comeback.
  • Crawlers (St. Patrick’s Day): Pub crawlers encounter something unexpected on their journey- an alien invasion.
  • Pooka Lives!(Easter): Creepypasta about the dark origins of a monstrous-looking rabbit toy take on a life of their own through fanart, internet challenges, and the manifestation of very real demons.
  • Delivered (Mother's Day): A heavily pregnant woman is taken prisoner by a Poisonous Friend who is determined to have her baby.
  • Good Boy (Pet Appreciation Week): A single reporter (Judy Greer) struggling to have children is convinced to adopt a dog as an emotional support animal - but soon finds it supporting her in other, more gruesome ways as well.
  • The Current Occupant (Independence Day): An amnesiac patient in a mental institution believes he's the US President and that a sinister conspiracy is keeping him under wraps, with a plan to escape.
  • Tentacles (Valentine's Day): A couple falls head-over-heels into a new romance and entwine their lives — until their intimacy transforms into something terrifying.
  • Blood Moon (First Full Moon of Spring): Esme and her 10-year-old son Luna move to a small desert town looking for a fresh start, but soon attract all the wrong kinds of attention. Esme must battle to protect her son and a terrifying secret before the next full moon threatens their very existence.

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