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Recap / Earth: Final Conflict S1E3 "Miracle"

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Boone talks down a girl about to commit suicide and recognizes her as Julie Peyton, who lost her parents and her hands in a horrific car accident years ago. Da'an convinces the Synod to make Julie the first official test subject of limb regeneration treatment. The procedure appears to succeed, and Julie has a new pair of hands. She then publicly declares Da'an to be an angel, sparking similar sentiment from many other humans. However, when her new hands start degrading, Julie suddenly finds herself the target of both the Taelons and the Resistance. The former seek to hide the failure, while the latter want to expose it. Eventually, Boone convinces Julie to speak out in public, and she praises the Taelons for giving her the chance to have hands again, even if only for a little while.


  • Angelic Aliens: The Church of the Companions preaches that the Taelons are angels, citing quotes from the Bible and interpreting them to fit their own beliefs. Julie's proclamation that Da'an is a messenger of God only increases the church's membership. The posters at the church building feature Da'an with a halo over his head.
  • Body Horror: Julie's new hands start looking decayed after a few days.
  • Healing Factor: Taelon technology allows them to regrow Julie's hands from a sample of her DNA and some white substance. The process takes about a minute, and the limbs come out fully grown. Unfortunately, their knowledge of human physiology is still incomplete, so the hands degrade after a while.
  • Talking Down the Suicidal: Boone does this with Julie at the start of the episode, as she was about to step off the ledge.
  • Wham Shot: Boone has his computer blend images of Moses, Amenhotep IV, Buddha, and Jesus. The final result is the face of a Taelon. When he asks Da'an if the Taelons have visited Earth before, Da'an replies vaguely that both of their species must have interacted on other planes of existence.
    • The final scene reveals that Reverend Travis Murray of the Church of the Companions is secretly working for Da'an.


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