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A serial killer named James Pike escapes from prison by faking his death. When his cell is examined, Boone and Lily find that Pike wrote strange images and symbols reminiscent of Taelon writing on the wall in his own blood. His blood analysis reveals the presence of a CVI. Da'an confirms that Pike was the first recipient of the implant as a way to see if even the worst of criminals can be rehabilitated, although his moral imperative is to serve humankind. Dr. Belman reveals that Pike's CVI is breaking down and Pike will soon be dead. Boone brings Da'an to Pike's cell, and Da'an reveals that Pike wrote out passages from Taelon mythology involving the righteous Shaquarava defeating his Evil Twin Umrathama. Pike sees himself as Shaqarava and Da'an as the deceitful Umrathama, intending to fulfil his new purpose by killing Da'an. Pike kidnaps Dr. Belman and has her alter his CVI to allow him to fire a Skrill, which he takes from Sandoval. He tries to assassinate Da'an at a diplomatic conference. He appears to succeed, only for Boone to reveal that he shot at a hologram of Da'an. As he's dying, Pike realizes that Boone isn't loyal to the Taelons and tells him that Boone will become the new Shaqarava and expose the truth about the Taelons and that they're afraid of someone he calls "the sleeper".


  • Cain and Abel: The Taelon myth that Pike writes out in blood in his cell is about twin brothers Umrathama and Shaqarava, who disagreed about the meaning of an omen in the heavens. Umrathama threw Shaqarava into the void and declared his interpretation to be the truth. However, Shaqarava Came Back Strong and slew his deceitful brother, restoring the truth. In his own twisted mind, Pike sees himself as Shaqarava and Da'an as Umrathama.
  • Couldn't Find a Pen: Since he lacks any other writing equipment, Pike uses his own blood to write out the images and writing from ancient Taelon myths in his prison cell.
  • Gone Horribly Right: The Taelons implanted Pike with a CVI, whose moral imperative is to serve and protect humankind. By somehow tapping into the CVI, Pike realizes that the Taelons are hiding something sinister and lying to humans. Therefore, in order to protect humankind, he must stop the Taelons.
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  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Pike uses a hologram to speak to Boone in Da'an's chamber, which is much more sophisticated than the ones the Taelons are using. During the peace summit, Pike shoots Sandoval's Skrill at Da'an and appears to kill him, only to learn that Boone had Da'an use the same technology to create a holographic Da'an as bait.
  • Serial Killer: James Pike was a lawyer, who started killing the clients he thought were guilty and cut off their heads. He was imprisoned for life but was then given a chance to participate in a rehabilitation program secretly run by the Taelons. He was implanted with a modified CVI in order to get him to serve humanity.
  • Wham Line: The dying Pike tells Boone that the Taelons are afraid of someone called "the sleeper". Afterwards, Boone realizes that he was talking about a strange figure he included in the wall writing but which Da'an refused to say anything about.


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