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Recap / Earth Final Conflict S 1 E 13 The Secret Of Strandhill

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During a tour of an ancient tomb in County Cork, Ireland, an earthquake exposes the mosaic of a Taelon. The Irish tour guide takes a pieces of the mosaic with Taelon writing, hoping to strike it rich, but he's forced to hide when Lieutenant Siobhan Beckett, Protector to the UK Companion, arrives and her soldiers occupy the area. Da'an reveals to Boone and Sandoval that a Taelon scientist named Ma'el visited Earth thousands of years ago in order to study humankind. He sends them, along with Lily, to Ireland to look for Ma'el's tomb and his records on humanity. Upon arrival, they split in two teams, with Sandoval and Beckett using mapping data to look for the tomb, while Boone and Lily are looking for the tour guide. They manage to find him and decipher the riddle on Ma'el's mosaic, which leads them to the tomb. They find a datalog which projects Ma'el's image, which states that the Taelons should not have come to Earth and that humanity would one day be the Taelons' equal. Before Boone and Lily can take the message to Doors, Sandoval and Beckett arrive, forcing Boone to hand over the message. The Synod votes on the matter and decides to stay on Earth despite Ma'el's warning.


  • Ancient Astronauts: A Taelon named Ma'el visited Earth thousands of years ago.
  • Ancient Tomb: Most of the episode is spent on looking for Ma'el's tomb. They assume that he would be buried like ancient Irish kings. Boone and Lily eventually find the tomb under the tavern. The tomb is spacious and ornate. The hole pattern above the sarcophagus is that of the Ma'hu'ra'va Galaxy, where the Taelon homeworld is located.
  • Disappears into Light: Ma'el's body disintegrates into wisps of light as soon as Boone takes the datalog from his hand, leaving behind Ma'el's ornate robe. Boone realizes that's why the Taelons didn't care about the body.
  • Ireland: Most of the episodes takes place in County Cork, Ireland. The episode introduces Lieutenant Siobhan Beckett.
  • Riddle Me This: The text in the mosaic is a riddle left by Ma'el. The Taelons are confused, since such a thing is not a part of their culture. Zo'or uses this as proof that Ma'el has gone insane from his centuries-long exposure to humanity. The tour guide tells Boone and Lily that riddles shouldn't be looked into very deep. The solution is usually in the wording. He turns out to be right.
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  • Right Under Their Noses: Ma'el's tomb turns out to be right under the tavern where Boone drank a local man under the table and where the tour guide was hiding.


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