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Recap / Earth Final Conflict S 1 E 14 Pandoras Box

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A Taelon scientist named Rho'ha undergoes an experimental procedure to inject himself with DNA taken from the hospitalized Captain Lucas Johnson in order to create a warrior caste among the Taelons. Meanwhile, Boone keeps seeing visions of Johnson asking for his help and learns from Major Raymond MacIntire that Johnson may have low-level psychic abilities. The injection restores an atrophied energy-emitting organ known as "shaqarava" in his palms and imbues Rho'ha with human rage, also disconnecting Rho'ha from the Taelon Commonality, while linking him with Johnson. Rho'ha becomes increasingly erratic and aggressive, eventually escaping the lab and visiting Johnson at the hospital. MacIntire walks in on Rho'ha at Johnson's side and tries to shoot him. Rho'ha easily disarms and then kills him. Da'an has the knowledge of MacIntire's death suppressed. Boone and Lily head to Johnson's home, where Rho'ha is holding the Captain's wife and son hostage, trying to understand the human warrior's mind. He attacks and nearly kills Lily, but then takes the family into the woods to kill them. Boone follows and fights Rho'ha, but he is outmatched by the Taelon's inhuman speed and the "shaqarava". At Johnson's side, Da'an senses that Johnson wants to die in order to save his family. Neither he nor Dr. Belman are able to push the button that will stop the machines keeping Johnson alive, so Johnson does it himself. Rho'ha stops moments before finishing off Boone, allowing Boone to knock him out with his Skrill. The Synod elects not to reconnect Rho'ha to the Commonality, keeping him in isolation, while Da'an states that the US President wants someone to answer for MacIntire's death. Johnson's family spreads his ashes over his favorite stream.


  • Back for the Dead: Major Raymond MacIntire returns after being absent for several episodes just to be killed by Rho'ha.
  • Heroic Suicide: Captain Johnson pulls his own plug to save his family and Boone from Rho'ha, severing the link between them.
  • invoked Name's the Same: Boone notes that the "shaqarava" organ has the same name as the Taelon mythical figure Shaqarava, one of the Cain and Abel-like twins. Da'an simply points out that a word can have multiple meanings and leaves it at that.
  • Power Palms: The DNA injection reawakens Rho'ha's "shaqarava" organs in his palms, allowing him to emit deadly energy from them, although he still has to be within a few inches of the target to hit it. He uses the "shaqarava" kill Major MacIntire by blasting his temples with energy for several seconds. He tries to do the same to Lily but is interrupted.
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  • Psychic Powers: Captain Johnson has low-level ESP, although it seems to be amplified by his critical condition. He's able to communicate remotely with his son, Boone, Rho'ha, and Da'an. According to MacIntire, Johnson once warned them of an ambush that would have cost a lot of lives.
  • Super Speed: The enhanced Rho'ha is able to move like a blur, with even Sandoval and Boone having trouble keeping up, despite themselves being enhanced.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Injecting Rho'ha with human DNA in order to create a Taelon warrior results in someone with no respect for life and no connection with the rest of the Taelon race.


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