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Recap / Earth Final Conflict S 1 E 12 Sandovals Run

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Sandoval collapses during an interrogation and is taken to Dr. Belman. She determines that his CVI is breaking down. Dr. Belman injects him with an antivirus with the plan to give him a new CVI the following day. Sandoval escapes and takes Lili hostage, forcing her to fly him to the mental hospital where his wife DeeDee was committed. Boone follows and rescues Lili, but Sandoval flees with DeeDee. The Synod declares Sandoval to be a threat and orders him eliminated. If Sandoval doesn't receive a new CVI soon, he will die. Da'an reveals that Sandoval's CVI has information about the Taelons and their mission, which is why he's considered to be a threat. Sandoval calls Boone and apologizes about Boone's wife. Lili traces the call, but Boone realizes that Sandoval was using the call to access the system and look for the Resistance, hoping that they can protect DeeDee. Boone confronts Sandoval and reveals his true allegiance. Sandoval agrees to allow the Resistance to protect DeeDee but claims he doesn't want to be re-implanted. He collapses in the interrogation room, and DeeDee asks Boone to give him the CVI. Just before being re-implanted, Sandoval is told by Boone that Boone killed his wife, returning the favor. After the re-implantation, Sandoval thanks Boone and tells him what he knows about the Taelons, including the fact that they need humankind for something.


  • The Atoner: After losing his CVI, Sandoval regrets what he did to his wife under its influence.
  • Big "NO!": Sandoval screams that after Boone tells him that he killed DeeDee. He stops when the CVI is re-implanted.
  • Faking the Dead: The Resistance fakes DeeDee's death to protect her from Sandoval. They provide her with a new identity.


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