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Recap / Earth Final Conflict S 1 E 11 The Scarecrow Returns

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At the Resistance headquarters, Augur, Sahjit Jinnah, and Rayna Armitraj are studying the alien probe, nicknamed Project Metal Scarecrow. They are able to make small strides in decoding the probe's programming language, as Doors wants to know where the probe is sending its data. Boone asks Da'an to teach him the Taelon language and shows great promise, especially since the language is incredibly difficult for a human to learn and even harder to read. The probe makes a destructive scan of Rayna and creates two Rayna replicants. One replicant grabs generator leads and is disintegrated. The other one traps Lily in the room with the probe, which sends out a powerful signal into space. Augur determines that the probe is sending transmissions to a part of space different from the Taelon homeworld. Satellites pick up the transmission and request assistance from the Taelons. Boone, Augur, and Sahjit are able to modify an industrial laser to destroy the other Rayna replicant before it can kill Lily. With Sandoval and Da'an closing in, Doors orders the probe removed from the headquarters to avoid revealing its location. The probe alters its shape and flees into the ventilation system. Boone has Augur send out a transmission to the probe, ordering it to seek and analyze deuterium, which Doors extracts from the base's cold fusion reactor. Boone uses the deuterium to lead the probe into the utility tunnels, where Da'an disables the probe and has it retrieved for study. Sahjit believes that the probe can be used to re-create Rayna, even as a replicant.


  • Hidden Depths: Doors reveals to have worked at a nuclear power plant at the beginning of his career and personally extracts deuterium from the HQ's cold fusion reactor.
  • Kill and Replace: The probe scans Rayna and absorbs her body. Then it creates two robotic Rayna replicants to protect it. Sahjit analyzed the butterflies previously replicated by the probe and determined that it the DNA mapped onto the artificial bodies has barely been altered, which means that Rayna may be re-created, even as a replicant.
  • Self-Destruct Mechanism: Doors is willing to blow up the base when Sandoval is close in order to preserve the rest of the movement. Lily calls him out on this at the end, pointing out that La Résistance is no longer just about him giving orders. They are all in this together.
  • Starfish Language: The Taelon language is incredibly complex and very difficult for humans to learn. Their written language is even more difficult, as it lacks any grammar rules, and the order of the words is based on the feel of the statement. Boone is able to grasp the basics with the help of his CVI. He determines that the probe's language is similar but is almost like a dialect of the Taelon language. He figures out enough to be able to come up with a few basic commands for the probe to execute.


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