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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 36 The Way We Get By

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We go out in stormy weather
We rarely practice discern
We make love to some with sin
We seek out the taciturn

And that's the way we get by to
Way we get by

A Plot

In the locker room, Drew comes in and angrily accuses KC and Dave of treating Bianca horribly especially after he proves she's not a distraction. KC tells him they didn't treat her badly, it's just their girlfriends don't like her. Dave admits that he barely knows her. Drew says that it's all about her reputation and what their girlfriends think. He invites them and Sadie and Jenna to The Dot just to prove them wrong. He tells Bianca about The Dot plans. Bianca is hesitant, and Drew tells her that he wants to keep hanging with his friends and this is the perfect way to introduce herself. Bianca reluctantly agrees, telling Drew that he's lucky he's hot.

At The Dot, Drew is all smiles when he sits down with his friends but the mood is tense. Bianca tries making coversations but it goes nowhere. She inadvertently insults Jenna's weight and recovers by telling Jenna she has a great figure and was an idiot for buying those diet pills from her. Jenna snaps back at her and Drew snaps at Jenna telling her to chill and KC tell him not to yell at her. Drew says she's being unreasonable and Jenna says that's better than being a slut who steals boyfriends. Bianca then decides to leave. Drew is pissed and he tells off Jenna and KC and tells him they're going to be teen parents and have no stones to throw at Bianca's glass house. He hurries after Bianca.


Drew meets Bianca at the ravine. Bianca apologizes for The Dot incident and how she was really trying. Drew says it is okay, and he can't believe he has to play with them in the finals tonight. Bianca tells him he doesn't have to go and have the team lose without him. A troubled teen (Ron Ron) comes up and offers Drew shrooms. Bianca tells Ron Ron to step off, but Drew thinks that it'll serve the team right for not showing. He then reaches for the shrooms. Drew gets high off his ass and Bianca's playfully messing with him. Drew is giddy and freaking out, but then Bianca then brings up the game. Drew then starts worrying and saying he can't miss the game and let the team down. Bianca tells him that he can't go anywhere in his state. Drew curses at himself for letting Bianca talk him into the drugs and missing the game and angrily tells her that his friends are right about her and he wanders off in a haze.


At the game, Drew shoes up all smiley and giggly. KC and Dave take one look at him and KC asks if he's on something. Drew giggles and says he's fine. Drew laughs and tells him that he took some shrooms. Drew's mom then comes over and wishes the boys luck in the game. Drew cannot suppress his laughter and highness and Mrs. Torres sighs and calls him over for a private chat. She bluntly asks if he's high and Drew admits it, giggling. Drew's mom sighs and tells him to stay put while she tells the coach.

The next day, the team is coming off from the loss at the finals. Drew meets up with KC and apologizes about missing the game. He also reveals he's been grounding and has to see a drug counselor for a month. KC isn't really hearing it, and walks away. Bianca then comes up and Drew apologizes to her to for yesterday. Bianca accepts it and brushes it off saying she's not his judge-y friends (though Drew's step-brother might say differently) and the both walk off hand in hand.


B Plot

It's morning and Malika still isn't in from seeing her boyfriend. Alli is freaking and trying to call her especially now that her parents have woken up. Malika finally arrives and Alli is pissed for giving her a heart attack. Malika apologizes and tells Alli that she'll owe her one. Malika says that she'll have Alli back in her parents good graces in no time.

At school, Malika and Alli are out of class (faking Muslim prayer) and Alli is venting on how crappy her home life has been. Malika then pulls out a cigarette and starts smoking. She offers one to Alli and she says no. She gives the cigarette to Alli to hold for second while she gets her blanket. Unfortunately, Alli's mom just then pulls up to the school to meet her new principal. Malika sees her too late and Alli is caught with the cigarette. Alli's mom is in disbelief that she would be smoking and Alli says that the cigarette isn't hers and tells Malika to take it back — and then Malika tells Alli not to lie to her mother. Alli's mom is disappointed and drags her off to apologize to the principal. Alli is upset and gives Malika a Death Glare as she's dragged away.

Even as they're entering their house, Alli and her mother are arguing. Alli's mom accuses her of lying and promising to change and throwing away her chance. Alli's says that it isn't her fault, it's just bad stuff keeps happening to her. Alli's mom tells her that that she never faces up to her actions and how she slandered Malika and got suspended. Alli yells at her in near tears that everything she's done since leaving Degrassi was to impress her and her father but they're so convinced she's a bad person there's nothing she can do. Alli's mom tells her that her father will be so disappointed and for her to go to her room, she cannot listen to her lie anymore. Alli goes up to her room, crying.

Later on, Alli crying on the couch. Sav comes down and comforts her, telling her that it will all blow over. Alli saves she could solve world hunger and it still wouldn't please her parents. Alli asks if he believes her about cigarette to which Sav says yes. Alli thanks him and tells him that he's all she has and doesn't know how long she can take this. Sav says that it will all get better. He takes her hand in his.

C Plot

Riley's still feeling bad after being found out by his mom. He's lying in bed and calls for his mom. His mom comes and brings up breakfast in bed. Riley wants to talk about yesterday, and his mom says she knows what happened between him and Zane — they were goofing off and not studying. Riley is stunned and her mom tells him to eat his breakfast or he'll be late. Riley sighs. Zane meets up with Riley at lunch and apologizes and asks how she's taking it. Riley tells him she didn't react. She's totally in denial. Zane says that he can still coming out when he's ready and let his mom pretend but Riley says he doesn't want to pretend anymore. Zane suggest to him that maybe she needs a reminder.

Riley lays out his gay Porn Stash on this bed for his mom to find when she cleans his room. He then goes off for a run. He runs to find his room cleaned in his Porn Stash in a nice stack. His mom is still in denial even when Riley asks her about what she found. Riley talks to Zane about it at The Dot. Riley tells him that he's tired of convincing her and will let her stay in the The Nile. He's a little worried about his dad but wants to ride it out until college. Zane asks to hang out later, but Riley says he and his father have plans to see a baseball game, as a father-son tradition.

Riley comes home looking for his dad, but his mom tells him she sent him to the baseball game alone. She didn't think Riley would be interested since he' know. Riley is upset and says he still loves sports, and his mom tells him he's just going through a phase. Riley wants to discuss it more, and with his father but his mom yells at him not to bring it up again. Riley takes to Zane again about his mother. Zane tells Riley to give her time — it took 17 years for him to except himself, his mom is just dealing with it now. Give her time. Riley smiles and he asks Zane to catch a game with him.


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