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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 35 The Way We Get By

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We found a new kinda dance in a magazine
Try it on, it's like nothin' you've ever seen
You sweet talk like a cop, an' you know it
You bought a new bag of pot
So let's make a new start
And that's the way to my heart to
Way to my heart

A Plot

It's basketball season. Dave and KC are still on the team, and Drew joined this year and is a star player. During a game, he sinks the winning basket! After the game, Drew invites the guys to Little Miss Steaks but Dave and KC have plans with their girlfriends. They talk all couple-y and want to see a drive-in movie, but Drew doesn't want to be a fifth wheel. The couples walk off and Drew's left alone in the gym. The next day, the school announcements are glowing with Drew's praises, but Drew can't get one girl to talk to him. Except for Bianca. Bianca flirts with him telling him not to waste his time with those girls. Drew snippily tells her that her name is written in the stall in every guys' bathroom. Bianca is happy that she knows her number. She tells him to call her and leaves him stunned.

Drew bumps into KC and Dave later. He asks her their night went and KC is low key about it but Dave blabs that he, KC and their girls had a great time at the movies and afterwards. KC tells Drew was just trying to make Drew not feel left out, but of course he failed. Drew laments that he can't find a girl to go out with him. KC and Dave pull him aside and tell him that he has a reputation amongst the girls at Degrassi. Bianca is infamous with the girls and since Drew cheated on Alli with her, he's "gross by association." Drew is stunned to learn about his reputation and KC suggests finding a girl who doesn't care about his it. Later, Drew's alone again practicing the drums. Bianca walks in he quickly stops. Bianca asks him why isn't he with his jock friends. Drew says they're busy with their girlfriends and yells at her that no girl at Degrassi wants him because of her. Bianca reminds him it takes two to tango and that he loved what she did to him in the boiler room. Drew tells her to move on, and Bianca tells him that she doesn't take just anyone to the boiler room — and that maybe she's the best girl for him. Drew figures out that she likes him, and Drew is intrigued. He flirts with her back and they kiss. Bianca then offers to help Drew relax.


Later, Drew and Bianca are walking the hallways, talking about their reputations and interests. Bianca points out that he cares a lot of others think of him. Drew says he hasn't had this much fun in awhile. Bianca invites him to the drive-in to make out but Drew points out he has the semi-final game that night. He invites her to come but Bianca says it's not her thing. Drew shrugs and says they should meet up later. Before the game, Drew meets up with KC and Dave and wants to hang with them after the game. He says he even has a girl — Bianca. KC and Dave aren't really receptive to the idea especially since their girlfriends already don't like Bianca. They tell him to stay clear of Bianca, but Drew is upset at their judgmental nature.

It's game time. Drew is playing well and Degrassi's up in the score at halftime. The team is congratulating Drew on his performance but then Bianca shows up at the game. KC asks just what the hell is she doing there, and Drew didn't think she would show. Bianca flirts a little and tells him she came to see him. KC tells Drew not to let Bianca distract him. Second half, Drew isn't playing very well and showboating, thanks to Bianca's presence. The other team members and Coach snap some sense into him and the team wins the game. They're in the finals! Bianca is clapping and cheering for Drew. As KC and Dave meet with Jenna and Sadie, they make plans for Little Miss Steaks. Drew comes over with Bianca and the girls look at her in disgust. There's some uncomfortable silence, but the message is sent — Bianca isn't welcome. Drew snaps at them angrily, and then walks off away with Bianca.


B Plot

Alli is starting her new all-girls school today, and she has a purpose. Her parents are still on her case, and she has prove that she can change. But she'll be going in the school at alone. Sav asks about their parents' friends' daughter, Malika and Alli dismisses that possibility. Sav points that out that their parents love Malika and that befriending her might help with them. Alli considers this possibility and figures if she can get Malika to come over, they can be friends and she'll be seen as a saint in her parents eyes.

At the private school, Alli comes up to Malika while she's talking to her friends about her secret boyfriend. Alli sits down with them and awkwardly joins the conversation. She introduces herself to Malika and invites her over to dinner. Malika accepts and Alli is stunned but excited Malika said yes.

At dinner, Malika is charming Alli's mom at dinner. Alli is happy Malika and her mother are hitting it off. After dinner, Alli suggests that Malika can stay over for the night. Alli's mom is pleased and calls Malika's mother to make plans. At night, before bed, Alli tells Malika's it's been nice having her over since it gets the heat off her back. Malika confesses her plans for staying over: she's going out to see her boyfriend. She asks Alli to cover for her and that she'll owe her big time. Alli reluctantly agrees and she hands off Malika's purse, and she finds out Malika smokes as well — something else she lies to about her parents. Suddenly, Malkia doesn't look like an angel.


C Plot

Zane and Riley are in class. Riley wants Zane to hang later that night with hockey on the big screen and hot wings. Zane wants to go to an art showing — an art showing with his ex-boyfriend. Riley says he really isn't into art and Zane snippily says that he just wanted to do something he would like for once. Riley later talks to Anya about it, and Anya tells him that's what relationships are about — doing stuff that sucks for the other person. Riley takes Anya's advice and decides to go, but not before a make over.

After a makeover montage with Anya, Riley is ready to go to the showing. He surprises Zane at the showing and meets Zane's ex, Thomas who's also an artist. Riley is clearly uncomfortable at the showing and in front of Thomas. He makes several clueless observations at the art and in one painting in particular. One that looks like a "terrible finger-painting" — which is Thomas's piece. Thomas runs off and Zane goes to comfort him.

At home, Riley is in his bedroom moping when Zane comes up. Riley tells him that he's shouldn't have gone to the showing. Zane tells him that he doesn't have to pretend he likes art. They laugh about Thomas and sit on his bed. Riley drapes his arm around Zane and they both kiss but just then Riley's mom comes in with snacks. Zane quickly gets up, Riley is shocked, and Riley's mom is stunned. She leaves the snacks on the desktop and hurries off. Zane apologizes, and Riley is freaking out. He wasn't ready to have this conversation. Zane offers to say, but Riley tells him that he'll deal. Zane gives him a good luck kiss before heading out.


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