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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 34 When Love Takes Over

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Give me a reason I gotta know, do you feel it too?
Can't you see me here on overload, and this time I blame you...
Ohhh... Looking out for you to hold my hand, it feels like I could fall
Now love me right like I know you can, we could lose it all
David Guetta with Kelly Rowland, When Love Takes Over

A Plot

Sweetheart Week is still going on, and there's a Lovers Lunch plan in the cafe. At the play rehearsals, Adam shows up tired. He had a late night with Fiona, to which Eli congratulates him. He also asks if his night was alcohol-free, and Adam is silent. He speaks up and says that she likes champagne and him. Clare suggests that they spend time together with Fiona and suggests they double date at the Lovers Lunch. Adam says yes, and Clare and Eli are happy but Adam looks worried. Meanwhile, Fiona and Holly J talk about Adam. Holly J asks if she and Adam are a couple to which Fiona doesn't know. Holly J keeps probing until Fiona tells her to stop. Holly J is still surprised how Fiona acted with Adam. Fiona tells her that she feels great with Adam, and that Adam likes her for who she is. Holly J asks why throw drinking into the mix? Fiona dodges the question and tells her that drinking makes her feel good, why should she stop?

At the Lovers Lunch, Fiona shows up late and totally wasted. Clare and Eli smile uncomfortably and Eli whispers to Adam to get her out of here. Adam takes the hint and drags her off to be alone with her. Outside the cafe, Adam confronts her on her drunkenness. Fiona rolls her eyes and thinks Holly J got to him. She says that Holly J doesn't understand her like he does. She doesn't get that drinking makes it be with Adam. Adam is shocked. He accuses her of drinking because of him and Fiona says it's great that he understands. But Adam angrily says he doesn't.


Adam is in the auditorium moping when Clare and Eli come up looking for him. Adam apologizes for Fiona and tells him that he wants what Clare and Eli have. Eli promises that one day, he will. Fiona then shows up and Clare and Eli let Adam and Fiona have some alone time. Adam bluntly tells her that they shouldn't hang out anymore and asks her if she's drinking because of him. Fiona promises that she can stop and begs him not to leave — because she's falling in love with him. Adam is shocked and then says that he loves her too. They both walk home hand in hand.

The next day, Fiona and Adam are joined at the hip and talking about their first date going international with it. Adam is really giddy until Holly J comes up. She tells Adam that Fiona pulled him in and made him believe that she didn't have a problem. Adam protests and says that she was drinking due to stress. Holly J bluntly tells him that she thinks Fiona is a alcoholic. And that Adam is an enabler. Holly J and Mrs. Coyne are organizing an intervention and she wants Adam to be here. Adam accuses Holly J of taking Fiona away from him. Holly J walks off and Adam searches and finds Fiona in class and tells her that they need to split and go far away. Fiona smiles and is up for it. She just needs to get some new clothes from her apartment. Adam shows up at Fiona's apartment later and finds her passed out on the couch. He rushes to her side and wakes her and Fiona wakes up bleary-eyed and sloshed. She charmingly tells him she only had a little and that everything is spinning. Adam goes off to get her some water. He also calls Holly J and tell her that he wants to help.


After he gets Fiona off the couch, he gets her into a taxi blindfolded. Fiona is happily guessing at his surprise location for her. He walks her into a room and tells her to take off her blindfold. When she removes it, she sees Holly J, her mom, therapist and intervention coach. Fiona is shocked. Mrs. Coyne tells her that she's concerned about her drinking and wants her to commit to rehab. She turns to leave, but Adam blocks her way. Holly J tells her that Adam did a good thing. But Fiona is betrayed. She tells Holly J to make Adam leave — she never wants to see him again. Adam leaves voluntarily.

Adam is sitting by himself at The Dot, upset. Eli and Clare offer to cheer himself and tell him that Fiona didn't mean it but Adam doesn't want to her it right now. Holly J then comes into The Dot looking for Adam. Adam asks Holly J just how Fiona is, Holly J says she's mad. But Fiona's anger doesn't last long. Holly J then gives Adam a page from Fiona's journal that she found packing Fiona's bag for rehab. The journal page is filled with Fiona's longing to be with a certain person and how it could never work but she wants it to work. Adam is smiling and on Cloud 9.


B Plot

Anya is still walking on air after her date with Dr. Chris. She's happily texting Holly J about it while her mom is driving her to school. Mrs. Macpherson asks just what's up and Anya who Cannot Tell a Lie to her mother, tells her that she's texting Holly J about Dr. Chris. Anya's mom tells her that he's too old for her and Anya blabs that she had a date with him. Anya's mom is shocked and tells her that she isn't going on another date with him. Anya tells her that's she 17 and she can't really tell her what do. Anya's mom calls her out by her full name (Anya Marie Macpherson) and tells her she's not done with her. But Anya is done with her mother, at least for that morning. She talks to Holly J about her mom and Holly J pretty much sides with Anya's mom. She tells Anya that she has to tell him the truth and how she can't keep it a secret forever. Anya sighs and she has a lunch date coming up — the perfect place to tell the truth.

At lunch in Dr. Chris's office, Anya is prepping herself to tell the truth but she sees that he has tickets to a Renaissance Fair. He bought them for her, and Anya is flabbergasted. Dr. Chris says that he booked an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast and two bedrooms — no pressure. Anya is impressed, and decides to keep her secret a little longer. At home, Anya goes and packs and she's caught by her mother. Mrs. Macpherson asks her just what is she doing home and with that suitcase? Anya spills the beans and reveals she's going to a renaissance fair with Dr. Chris. Anya's mom puts her foot down and tells her she cannot but Anya protests. She wonders how could Dr. Chris invite a 17 year old girl to a out-of-town affair. Anya then reveals that she lied about her age. Anya's mom is disappointed and tells her that she has to tell him the truth. Anya and her mother drive to Dr. Chris's office. Dr. Chris notices she's not packed. Prodded by her mom, Anya reveals that she's 17. Dr. Chris is shocked and embarrassed and apologizes to Anya's mother. He tells her that he did enjoy their dinner. As Anya and her mom turn to leave, Anya's angry at her mom for ruining everything.

Anya meets Dr. Chris at the pizza restaurant. Anya sits down and she said that while she lied, she really had a connection with Dr. Chris and her age doesn't change that. She says that she won't be 17 for long. Dr. Chris sighs and tells her that her mother needs to be on board. He tells her that they can talk in two months. Anya is excited and asks for a kiss but realizes she's gone too far. After Dr. Chris leaves, she's left anxiously counting down the days left to her 18th birthday.

C Plot

Dave is still adjusting to Sadie's height. Especially when she's helping him out with reaching books on high shelves. She wants to know if they're still on for basketball but Dave wants to see a movie — sitting down. Connor and Wesley come and hassle him and unleash some Incredibly Lame Puns about shortness to him. Dave meets with Sadie later and tells her he couldn't make it to the movies. Connor and Wesley tease him some more and Dave tells him he and Sadie won't work out. Connor and Wesley point out that have so many things in common, how could he break it off? Dave explain she's a giraffe, a beanpole, a freak of nature. And Sadie who is nearby and overhears calls Dave a jerk.

Later, The Three Tenners are walking and talking outside. Sadie is playing basketball with her friends. Dave is still mopey about things going badly with Sadie. Wesley and Connnor point out that he still likes her and points out the advantages of dating a taller girl. Dave tells them that he can't go out with her, he'll look like a shrimp. And Connor points out he is a shrimp. Wesley and Connor tell him that he's the one with the problem and haven't a tall girlfriend won't make him any less shorter. Dave swallows and says Sadie probably won't forgive him. To which Wesley tells him not to sell himself short.

Dave later approaches Sade practicing shots. Dave gives her some pointers, but Sadie is still mad. Dave admits her was a jerk earlier and Sadie pointed out he called her a giraffe. Dave tells her that giraffes are beautiful creatures...but anyway he wants to make it up to her with nachos at Little Miss Steaks. Sadie doesn't responded and Dave has a challenge — first one to get 10 points wins — if Dave wins, he goes out with her and if Sadie does, it's goodbye. Sadie smiles and the both of them play a friendly game. Dave wins, and Sadie and him leave the court hand in hand.


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