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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 37 Jesus Etc

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Jesus, don't cry
You can rely on me honey
You can combine anything you want

I'll be around
You were right about the stars
Each one is a setting sun

A Plot

The episode opens with Eli giving Clare some driving lessons. The driving lessons are exchange for her editing skills, as Eli is preparing to enter a short story in a contest. They kiss and flirt and Eli gives her driving pointers. As Clare drives, she nearly runs into Fitz. Eli and Clare are shocked at the sight of him, but Fitz isn't at all threating. — he just wants to talk. But Clare speeds away, leaving him.

At school, Clare and Eli are freaking out about Fitz being let out of juvie early. Clare wonders if Fitz isn't dangerous since he was let out early. Eli remembers the knife incident at Vegas Night - maybe Fitz wants to finish the job. Later, Clare's outside writing and Fitz approaches her. Clare instantly recoils and threatens to get Mr. Simpson. But Fitz just wants to talk to her and set things right. He wants forgiveness. When he was in juvie, he found God. Just then, Eli pulls up in Morty and Fitz makes a beeline away from Clare, leaving her speechless. She tells Eli that Fitz came up to her and talked about religion. Eli is livid and he tells her that Fitz is lying and dangerous. And since he's her boyfriend, he has a job to protect her. Clare tells him that she never asked him to protect her and she leaves Morty.


The next day, Clare comes walking to Degrassi and sees Eli peering at her. She asks what's up and he says he's keeping a lookout. Clare sighs and walks away into the school. After school, Adam and Clare talk. Clare says she loves Eli and that's he sweet, funny and smart but he's also possessive and controlling. Adam tells her that Eli is just trying to show her he cares but Clare wishes we would dial it down. Adam then spies Fitz actually working at The Dot. Adam wants to leave, but Clare won't be scared by Fitz. She decides to stay while Adam leaves. Clare approaches Fitz and tells him why he got a job at The Dot since he knows he'll eventually run into her or Eli. Fitz tells her that the chaplain at juvie put him there in a work placement program. He tells her how the chaplain changed his life. Clare says she happy he's found God, but she doesn't have to talk to him — to which Fitz says she's the one talking to him. He apologizes for Vegas Night, and wants forgiveness. Clare sighs and forgives Fitz to which he's very grateful. He also wants to make it right with Eli, but he needs Clare's help. Clare isn't so sure.


Eli comes driving up to The Dot and sees Fitz and Clare talking. He rushes inside and tells Fitz to step off. Eli asks Clare if she's okay. Clare is upset and tells him she's fine. Fitz says that they were just talking and that he apologizes again. Eli dismisses it and asks her if she's coming with him or not. To which she agrees. Eli gives Fitz a Death Glare before leaving.

B Plot

Alli is still under her own crackdown at home. After the cigarette incident, she has a weeks' suspension and her parents are making her spend the day in the library. Sav drives her to the library to drop her off, and they chat about their parents coming down hard on her. Sav says that someday they'll forgive her and Alli thanks Sav being the only one in her corner. She goes on and on about Drew ruining her life, and Sav tries to make her change the subject. Alli realizes she's going on a tangent and stops, and tells Sav to say hi to Degrassi for her.

Meanwhile, Sav has his own problems. He's preparing his music supplement track for his university application but it's not going so well. Even Holly J tells him so. Sav is trying to make the track perfect so he doesn't have to go to into engineering like his father wants him. Sav figures the thing missing from his track is a drummer and he's plans to hold auditions. Sav sits through a montage of drummers auditioning, each one worse than the last. Sav basically gives until Drew walks in wanting to audition. Sav says that Alli would not be happy, but Drew pleads that he needs this after the year he's had. Sav decides to let him audition and and Drew is amazing at the drums. Sav is impressed, but feeling guilty.


The next day, Alli and Sav are talking before school. Sav still feels guilty about Drew's audition and he decides to bring up that Drew will be drumming on his track. Alli thinks he's joking but Sav tells her he isn't and we wouldn't have chosen him if he stunk, but he's great. Alli is angry and tells him Drew made her life a living hell and just how can he choose him? Sav counters and says that maybe their parents seeing her file is why she's under lockdown. Alli says that Drew is how all of this started. Sav decides to drop the matter and go with someone else which pleases Alli. At school, Sav complains about it to Holly J and Holly J reminds him she has reason to be upset with Drew. Sav just wants Alli to get over it, but he's willing to pick a terrible drummer to please her. But he hesitates before calling the terrible drummer...his future is riding on this. He switches up and calls up Drew, telling him the good news. He says he can just keep it a secret from Alli. Holly J looks ambivalent about his betrayal.

After school, Sav and Drew are recording Sav's track and they sound great. Sav realizes he's late in picking up Alli and stops the session short. Sav praises Drew's drumming and just then Bianca comes in and moons over Drew and decides to take a photo of them. As she takes the photos, she notices Alli behind Sav and she tells Sav to turn around. Alli is livid at Sav hanging with Drew and Bianca, her two least favorite people, and turns heel and walks away. At home, Alli is giving him the silent treatment. Sav asks if she's ever going to speak with him and that she wasn't supposed to find out. Alli angrily says just how could he ask Drew for the track. Sav is mad and he tells her he helps her all the time and he gets squat in return. Alli yells back and says when does her ever need her help? He always gets everything. She asks just how was she supposed to take his betrayal, working with the guy who made her life made her life a living hell? Sav is pissed and he tells her that she made her own life a living hell and that Drew didn't force her date Johnny or sex or have a double life. He adds that ever since she's been coming to Degrassi, she made his life a living hell and he's sick of her selfish ways. Alli is in near tears and quietly says that she thought she could count on Sav, but he's like everyone else. She walks off in a huff, with Sav calling after her.

C Plot

Jenna is in full-on mommy mode stressing about her pregnancy, KC not so much. During lunch, KC brings her up some Cafe food, and Jenna complains that he was supposed to bring her chicken due to her cravings. She then rattles off the benefits of chicken and other foods. KC looks bored and tells Jenna that she's too stressed. KC offers to cram in some pre-baby fun and offers to go skateboarding to which Jenna horrified. KC says he was trying to cheer her up and Jenna tells him that he needs to study up for pre-natal class.

The next day, Jenna quizzes him some pregnancy questions and KC bombs horribly while watching Jenna disgusting finishes off an entire chicken. Jenna is upset and doesn't think KC is ready and KC reassures her he's ready. At the class, during a diaper-changing exercise KC is not taking it seriously and wants to make it a race. Jenna is focused...but KC wins the exercise anyway. Jenna is stressed that she'll be a terrible mom and she's been studying and studying and still can't get the hang of it. The teacher reassures Jenna and she says maybe Jenna needs practice. She offers to let Jenna let her babysit her 6-year-old boy. KC isn't too thrilled about the babysitting but Jenna thinks this will be her big chance to prove herself.


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