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Recap / Battlestar Galactica 1978 The Gun On Ice Planet Zero Part II

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The Centurion eventually passes by and the group proceeds into the underground city. The clones (or Theta-class lifeforms) then hide the group with their own children. One of the Thetas leads Apollo to their "Father Creator", Doctor Ravoshol. A misguided human scientist who entrusted his "intelligence-transmitting" pulsar to the Cylons not realizing they would turn it into a weapon. Ravoshol initially resists Apollo's pleas to help in destroying the weapon but eventually agrees when he learns the Thetas now have children, something he thought impossible. Meanwhile, Thane, Leda, and Wolfe are determined to escape and attempt to recruit a reluctant Croft to their side.


Baltar launches two Raider attacks on the Galactica in order to push the Galactica toward the ice planet, and the pulsar. Meanwhile, Starbuck devises a plan to rescue Cree from the prison, while Apollo attacks the gun. While making their way up the mountain. Wolfe and Leda attempt to kill Apollo and escape. Croft stops them and Wolfe deserts. Starbuck manages to find Cree and rescues him from the prison. Starbuck then learns that the Theta's feel they need the pulsar to protect themselves from future Cylon attacks and are refusing to help the Demolition Team to destroy the weapon. Ravoshol manages to convince the Thetas to help, promising he will protect them, confiding to Starbuck that he didn't give "everything" he made. Ultimately, the pulsar is destroyed at the very last moment, just as the Galactica comes into its range. With the mission accomplished the team (along with Cree) wish Ravoshol and the Theta's good luck.




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