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Recap / Battlestar Galactica 1978 The Gun On Ice Planet Zero Part I

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Herded into a confined area of space, the Fleet must pass within range of a Cylon garrison, wielding a powerful pulsar cannon. While investigating the cannon three cadets are lost, including Bow, Shields and Starbuck's protégé Cree.

Adama orders an expedition from Galactica be formed to assault the ice-bound fortress housing the weapon. Convinced that cadet Cree might still be alive, Starbuck tampers with the machine assigned to select the group who will go on the mission. Starbuck's actions however have the unintended side-effect of leading the computer to chose several criminals from the prison barge. While all chosen are cold-weather and demolitions experts, many are cut-throat, and some are murders.


Apollo, Starbuck, and Boomer lead the team to the planet. Along the way, they're ship crashes due to an attack by the Cylons. It's then discovered that Boxy and Muffit stowed away (having never seen snow). On the way to the mountain they group is stranded in the middle of a deadly storm. Muffit leaves the group in an attempt to find help. Not long after the group loses consciousness. When they awake they realize they have been rescued (thanks to Muffit) by a group of human clones. The clones agree to help them and offer to take the group to their main city. On the way they encounter a Cylon patrol. The patrol is about to pass by when one Centurion pauses to look around...





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