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Recap / Battlestar Galactica 1978 The Magnificent Warriors

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After a Cylon attack on the fleet's agricultural ships destroys two and damages another, the Colonials are faced with a shortage of seed to plant. With the Galactica approaching a section of space with human settlements, Adama puts together a plan to trade with the locals to get some seed.

An old energizer, used to produce power, would seem to be the best item to trade, but the only suitable one is owned by one Siress Belloby, who has romantic designs on the Commander. Belloby agrees to hand over the energizer, but only if Adama agrees to court her.


Adama, Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer, with Belloby, Boxey and Muffit along, head to the planet Sectar to try and barter with the locals. Unknown to the Colonials, the town is under constant siege by the humanoid pig creatures called Borays, when the local sheriff (called a Constable) is killed during a raid. Sire Bogan tries to find a new constable, but since the post is permanent and can only be rescinded upon death, no one in town wants the job.

Starbuck and Boomer head into town and meet Bogan, who tries to get them to agree to the post through lying. As they head back, they are ambushed and their transport along with the energizer are stolen. Returning to town to complain, Starbuck finds himself, naturally enough, in a gambling match, and accidentally wins the constable's star, making him the new sheriff.


Adama comes into town to sort things out, but before any headway can be made the Borays, led by their chief Nogow, attack. Although the Colonial Warriors are able to fend off the raid, Belloby is captured while attempting to help and hauled away to the Boray camp.

The Warriors, having straightened out with Bogan what his scheme was, head to the Boray settlement to recover Belloby. Adama attempts to communicate with Nogow, but is gets nowhere. Then, Starbuck makes an attempt to negotiate and somehow gets Nogow to agree to terms. Belloby is released and the other Colonials wonder what Starbuck must have said to change the course of negotiations.

Back in town, Starbuck reveals that he made Nogow the new Constable, and with him involved in the community his concerns are now met. Belloby decides Adama is too old for her, and the Colonials leave with their much needed grain.




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