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Lots of the subject matter on this show was meant for adults, despite being a family-friendly show (for the late 1960s/early 1970s).

  • The opening theme has a part where Alice heads out on a date with a guy standing at the door. The scene spins around and the next time she comes in, her clothes are tattered and her glasses are skewed. One of the later episodes reuses some of this footage when Alice reveals a somewhat grungy young fellow her parents didn't like very much rescued her from the clean-cut looking fellow who turned out to be a "pervert" in some unspecified way (that had something to do with trying to pull her into his car against her will; hence a stretched sleeve on her clothes).
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  • The first episode focused on Harry being accused of cheating on his wife, with all the relevant innuendos played up as a Parental Bonus. (The motel where Harry puts his attractive female client up for the night has a rather sleazy-looking manager who's genuinely surprised when he sees Harry actually sleeping out alone in the car as he said instead of sharing the room with her).
  • The second episode was about Alice planning to wear a dress with a see-through top top, and Harry and Irma worrying about how sex and female nudity seems seem to be plastered everywhere from red-light districts to ads on TV. The second episode even got away with showing a topless woman in a see-through nightie (her nipples weren't shown, but still, having them out and uncovered was quite a feat for 1960s 1970s TV).
  • Later episodes would slip the occasional Ambiguously Gay character in here and there; one episode has a lisping, metrosexually-dressed caterer who, when told Harry isn't entirely sold on having a catered party, answers: "Oh, don't worry. I get along very well with fellas." (Cue the Laugh Track.) A much later episode has one of Harry's fellow businessmen who are having to deal with a debtor in arrears be a rather fussy limp-wristed guy who's rather reluctant to get involved with anything so vitriolic as a foreclosure. In another episode in which Harry considers some affirmative action, a blink-and-you'll-miss it moment has a decidedly unambiguous head of a local chapter asking him to hire a homosexual right before he promptly gets thrown out (because he's the latest of about a dozen such organizers to hassle Harry with a pitch to hire a member of their particular minority).

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