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  • Absentee Actor: Old Sara Whittaker who provided most of the ensuing hijinks in the series barely appeared in the second season episodes wherein the first season, she's in almost every episode and was just as important a character as Ralph who she's mostly alongside due to their shared political views. In the third season and of the only four episodes, she disappeared completely.
    • Jamie did not appear in the Love, American Style installment.
  • Actor Allusion: As Ralph, Jack Burns would occasionally use his stand-up trademark of making a statement to another character then saying "huh? huh? huh?" until the other character, usually Harry, shouts an agreement with him to get him to shut up.
  • Follow the Leader: This show was both a follower and a leader on several issues. It was another animated sitcom that Hanna-Barbera had done before. But its own style was imitated in the future by most of Fox's lineup.
    • This also was the first example of Hanna Barbera bringing in an outside style and mixing it into their own. As mentioned below it had a different design but was still likable among the studio's general fans.
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  • Playing Against Type: This was Hanna-Barbera's only show to deal with any sort of controversial socio-political topics, unlike their usual repertoire of broad comedy. It also broke the mold of their signature look by hiring Playboy cartoonist Marty Murphy as character designer (HB's in-house designer Iwao Takamoto refined them to be more animatable, and also based the minimalist background on Murphy's cartoons) in order to have a more explicitly "adult" appearance.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: No season other than the first one has been released on DVD. Originally this was one of the shows that was rumored to have been a bad seller that resulted in no further releases. Years later this was later explained further by the Warner Archive that there are some clearances in the later episodes that were costly. Under the Warner Home Video standard the sales made getting those clearances seem too high a risk. However under the Warner Archive model they may eventually see the light of day. The show was rerun on the Canadian "Teletoon Retro" channel for a spell in 2008.
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  • The Other Darrin: Two of the kids had their voice actors recast: Chet (David Hayward and Lennie Weinrib) and Jamie (Jackie Earle Haley and Willie Aames).

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