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Radar / Into the Woods

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The 2014 Disney movie adaptation, while Lighter and Softer than the theatre version, got a LOT of stuff past the radar...and this movie is rated PG.

  • Jack describes Milk White as "he", and Jack's mother makes a point to say only the females produce milk. Idiocy? Yes... except there are some other implications.
  • The whole Red Riding Hood subplot. The original fairy tale was a cautionary tale about sexual predators. It does not beat around the bush at all.
    • One of Johnny Depp's lines includes the word "Carnal".
    • Most noticeably, there's a brief moment where The Wolf opens up his trench coat revealing tons of candy inside in an attempt to entice Red Riding Hood to stray from the path, just as a real life sexual predator might do.
    • Red's song when she is rescued, talking especially how she was excited and scared, and how the wolf showed her things... Every parent in the theatre awkwardly chuckled.
    • If anything, the 2014 movie amps up the Squick Factor by Red Riding Hood being portrayed by an actual child versus an adult acting like one.
      • According to a story on NPR, an actress was actually banned from playing the part because of all the innuendos.
    • One wonders if the staff had a vorarephile on hand, given the sexually charged framing of the Wolf consuming Red and her Grandmother. The Baker rescuing them is even symbolically framed like rebirth.
  • The Princes' songs.
  • If you know the Rapunzel tale, the witch's treatment of her becomes this as well - in the original tale, Rapunzel has a baby because the prince sleeps with her and that's what blows the cover.
  • Jack's song about the Giantess. It would have been a little different...but once he says the line about how she held him close to her breast, suddenly it becomes this. It's even worse in the 2014 movie since he's played by an actual child.
  • Through the use of the Gory Discretion Shot, we have onscreen mutilation and Eye Scream. Blood is even shown, though not from any stumps.
    • What makes matters worse are the stepsisters are shown limping around at the fake ending.
  • The prince only kisses the Baker's Wife...except he pins her against a tree. The nature of the song implies something far more has happened...
  • The Witch's Rap describes the Baker's father's theft of vegetables as rape. By the way, still PG!
  • After the Baker's Wife has had her 'moment' with the Prince, her song has this line:
  • The fact that the Princes in the original musical end up abandoning their marriages to pursue women under sleeping spells is played as an incredibly sleazy thing to do. The obvious one is the infidelity, while the implication is the Dude, She's Like in a Coma.
  • A weird one considering Jack is meant to be a child (and is one in the 2014 movie). The Giantess seeks revenge after her husband is killed chasing after Jack. But there's also the above line and the implication that Jack and the Giantess shared a...tender moment. And the way the song is phrased makes it sound like the Giant walked in on them and wanted revenge. Meanwhile the Giantess's revenge has the implication of a parallel to a guy sleeping with a girl and then stealing from her.