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Teller: Okay, so we just need a photo I.D. and your social security number.
Gwen: I don't have that. I'm from another universe. [...] How about I stop these gun-toting cynocephali and you give me a checking account, no I.D. required!
Teller: There's no way I can do that.

Yumi: You can't just materialize Aelita like that without making a lot of preparations.
Ulrich: Come on, Jérémie, be practical for once. Aelita has no parents, she hasn't got a birth certificate, she's not enrolled in any school — all that together means she doesn't exist in our world.
Code Lyoko, "Cruel Dilemma"

Principal: So, you say you're from another dimension? [...] Yeah, this isn't gonna work.
(King River opens chest full of treasure)
Principal: She is gonna love it here!

Chuck: (about testifying in court) I'm going to say "I'm somebody!"
Emerson: (mockingly) Hey, Somebody, can I see some I.D.?
Pushing Daisies, "Smell of Success"

Steven: You have to pull over to the side and show them your license.
Pearl: I don't have a license!
Amethyst: Oh, right.
Steven: But...but you're old.
Pearl: What was I supposed to tell the DMV? That I'm from another planet? I'm not exactly a citizen, Steven!

You're an adult with no ID, no Social Security number and no birth certificate. You also have no friends, family or references. You have no paperwork that any self-respecting institution would require you to have before even considering passing over your job application. Furthermore, you would have no way to even get any of these things, because each one of them requires the other to achieve, sort of like the power ups in Super Metroid.
This is not a minor problem. In every civilization ever, a weird-talking, penniless stranger with nothing to vouch for who he is means he's insane, a fugitive, a vagrant or all three. In short, you are going to be living life as an illegal alien.


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