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Pointy-Haired Boss: Before I eat a sandwich, I always remove the useless edges of the bread. That tells you what kind of manager I am.
Asok: You're the anti-crust?

Condemn them Mother! For they know exactly what they are doing!
—The Antichrist, American Dad!

When the Jews return to Zion
And a comet rips the sky
The Holy Roman Empire rises
Then you and I must die
From the eternal sea he rises
Creating armies on either shore
Turning man against his brother
Till man exists no more...
Iced Earth, "Damien", taken from the movie The Omen

We got to thinking, down in the pit. We wondered, "Why is it that the opposition are on top? Why are they all the way up there, no matter how many souls we harvest?" Then we realized: they proved it. They had one of their own walk the Earth like a man and prove their point. Miracles. Parables. Prophecies. Dying for your sins. We sound like a lot of old wives' tales. Scary monsters with horns and hooves - they've gone out and actually done it. Their messiah pointed the way for mankind. So will ours. If a demon is born on Earth, of a mortal, just like the Nazarene was, then Perdition will have its own messiah. And miracles. Parables. Prophecies. Disciples. Imagine it: mankind believing our prophecies proven, our religion as real as any other, succeeding on the scale that Christianity did so long ago. And it won't be idiots calling themselves pagans and hanging around standing stones waiting for the first rays of midwinter sun. None of that bullshit. It'll be the real thing. Parents' hands 'round children's throats. Lovers' blood between each others' teeth. Eyes gorged on nightmare plucked from their sockets. Hope fucked to death.

Prophet: Everything I have said will come to pass. It is the truth... as proven by the miracle of my blood.
Hellboy: The what?
Prophet: My enemies hunted me to this place and murdered me. But as Sadu-Hem was reborn out of the blood at Gorinium, so Urgo-Hem was reborn here, out of my blood. Testament to the power of my faith. Proof so that all will believe.
Hellboy: Or else?
Prophet: If they will not see...? I will cut out their eyes and make them see. I love the human race, and would be its savior. Let the people come unto me, and at least some of them will live. But I would rather DESTROY my people than see them suffer under a plague of frogs!
Hellboy: The Island


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