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"They are coming. Atom by atom, they will coil around us and take all that we are. There is one way to confront this threat. By reuniting the twenty-four warring houses of our own empire. We have forgotten the Unforgettable, the last to unify our tribes: Kahless. Together, under one creed, remain Klingon! That is why we light our beacon this day. To assemble our people. To lock arms against those whose fatal greeting is ... 'we come in peace'."
T'Kuvma, addressing his crew ("The Vulcan Hello")

"Forgive the lighting. The lack thereof. A recent battle injury. There's nothing they can do if I want to keep my own eyes, and I do. I have to suffer light change slowly. I like to think it makes me mysterious. No?"
Lorca, introducing himself to Burnham ("Context is for Kings")

"Universal law is for lackeys. Context is for kings."
Lorca, encouraging Burnham to join his crew ("Context is for Kings")

"The phaser will only piss him off."
"Think of it as a placebo for my skepticism."
Burnham and Stamets, testing a theory about Ripper the tardigrade ("The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry")

"You guys, this is so fucking cool!"
"...I'm so sorry."
"No, Cadet. It is fucking cool."
Tilly and Stamets, breaking the ice while working ("Choose Your Pain")

"As days go, this is ... a weird one."
Stamets, regarding Discovery's "Groundhog Day" Loop ("Magic to Make the Sanest Go Mad")

"Two hundred and twenty-seven days. But it only took one to realize I wasn’t going to make it out alive. Not unless I made a choice."
Tyler, on how he survived his captivity by becoming L'Rell's Sex Slave ("Into the Forest I Go")

"Terran strength is born out of pure necessity. Because they live in constant fear, always looking for the next knife aimed at their back. Their strength is painted rust. It's a facade."
Burnham, on the Terran Empire ("Despite Yourself")

"You should've let me die! With honor!"
"No. We are stranded in a cruel, anarchic world. But we are still Starfleet. And we still live and die by Federation law. No matter how heinous your crimes."
Tyler/Voq and Saru, after the former is saved by the latter ("The Wolf Inside")

"What is it you want? More territory? Conditional surrender? You haven't made any demands! How does this war end!?"
"It doesn't. Klingons have tasted your blood. Conquer us, or we will never relent."
Cornwell and L'Rell, as the Federation is faced with a Hopeless War ("The War Without, The War Within")

"We do not have the luxury of principles."
"That is all we have, admiral!"
Cornwell and Burnham, on their Genocide Dilemma ("Will You Take My Hand?")

"You're a Starfleet captain. You believe in service, sacrifice, compassion; in love."
Pike, reaffirming his beliefs as a Starfleet officer. ("Through the Valley of Shadows")

"No. I'm not going to abandon the things that made me what I am because of a future...that contains an ending I hadn't foreseen for myself. No."
Pike, after seeing the future version of himself, immobile and horribly scarred. ("Through the Valley of Shadows")

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