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Tear Jerker / Star Trek: Discovery

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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

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     Season 1 

"The Vulcan Hello"

"The Battle at the Binary Star"

  • Poor Ensign Connor. After being injured in the Klingon attack, he mistakenly visits Michael in the brig instead of going to sickbay for medical attention. He's terrified as he tells her that they're explorers, not soldiers, and he's thrown out to his death by a hull breach.
    • As we learn later on, Connor didn't fare much better in the Mirror Universe either.

"Context is for Kings"

"The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry"

  • Landry suffers an absolutely brutal mauling by "Ripper" when she tries to sedate the tardigrade and take one of its claws by force. Burnham gets her an emergency transport back to sickbay, but all Dr. Culber can do about her extensive injuries is to apply a Mercy Kill via hypospray and move on.

"Choose your Pain"

  • Tyler tells Lorca that he's been spared most of the beatings because the prison warden has taken a liking to him (later events would reveal that it's much more complicated than this). When Tyler finds himself face-to-face with the jailer, L'Rell, he goes into a blind rage.
  • Ripper itself warrants one when it becomes clear that using it for the spore drive is slowly killing it. The looks on Tilly's and Stamets' faces when Ripper shrivels up after being pushed too far are filled with remorse.


"Magic to Make the sanest Man Go Mad"

"Into the Forest I Go"

"Despite Yourself"

  • In the Mirror Universe, Danby Connor comes off as even more tragic and hapless than his Prime Universe counterpart. While he was far more successful in his career, having succeeded Mirror-Burnham as captain of the I.S.S. Shenzhou, he admits to her that the crew never respected him or feared him like they did her. He attempts to murder her in the turbolift, convinced that she would usurp him, and is quickly killed for his trouble. While the scene makes for excellent Black Comedy, it also shows how bleak life is for the Terrans, when Captain Connor is contrasted with Ensign Connor.

"Vaulting Ambition"

"What's Past Is Prologue"

"The War Without, The War Within"

"Will You Take My Hand"


     Short Treks 

"The Runaway"


"The Escape Artist"

     Season 2 


"New Eden"

"Point of Light"

  • Tyler now serves as L'Rell's Torchbearer, but their relationship is complicated by his past as Voq. While L'Rell still loves him as Voq, Tyler's lingering trauma leaves him involuntarily repulsed by her presence, a revelation that leaves L'Rell horrified.
    • Tyler learns that he (as Voq) and L'Rell had a child, and that the helpless baby is in grave mortal peril due to his parentage. L'rell's rival, Kol'sha, abducts the child and would have murdered him if not for Mirror!Georgiou killing him and his men. Ash and L'Rell are forced to have the child placed in the care of a monostary on Boreth, with the child and Ash's deaths faked for the benefit of the Klingon High Council, who found Ash's existence to be a huge point of contention. Ash, meanwhile, decides to join Section 31, where he can serve in secrecy.

"An Obol for Charon"

"Saints Of Imperfection"

  • Tyler returns to the Discovery, but his recent affiliation with the Klingon Empire and his current affiliation with Section 31 leave much of the crew distrusting him. Not to mention his role in Doctor Culber's death when Voq was in control. His relationship with Michael is similarly strained, especially given his history with L'Rell.

"The Sounds of Thunder"

"Light and Shadows"

"If Memory Serves"

"Project Daedalus"

  • The show finally gives us background on Lt. Airiam, and it's so very tragic. She was once a perfectly normal human, until a shuttle accident killed her husband and wounded her so badly that she needed extensive cybernetic augmentation to survive, all on the way back from their honeymoon. Every day she has to go through her memories purging the ones she doesn't need because her implants have finite storage space. Then she has to be ejected into space because the virus has completely compromised her and all she can do is beg to be killed so she doesn't hurt her friends. The episode ends with a quiet, somber scene of her floating through space, rewatching the memory of her and her husband one last time before her system fails.
"The Red Angel"

"Perpetual Infinity"

"Through the Valley of Shadows"

"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part One"

  • Several of the ship's company volunteer to accompany Michael in her mission to take the Discovery into the distant future to keep the Sphere Data away from Control. We get a montage of them recording messages for their loved ones back home, where we get a few glimpses at their lives away from the ship:
    • Tilly tells her parents that she'll never know if she made them proud, but despite that she's made herself proud, and feels that her parents will respect that. The way she says it implies she is trying to convince herself more than her parents.
    • Owosekun, who was raised in a Luddite collective, feels that she frightened her family when she decided to join Starfleet and explore the stars. She hopes that one day they'll be able to forgive her.
    • Detmer sends a message to her best friend, who was always there to help her when she needed encouragement. Detmer's message implied that she was nearly Driven to Suicide after the injuries she suffered at the Battle of the Binary Stars, but for her friend's intervention.
    • Stamets, for all of his arrogance, believes that he is The Un Favourite child in his family, and his message indicates that his sibling feels the same.

"Such Sweet Sorrow, Part Two"



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