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Quotes / Regretful Traitor

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Lord Raiko... I am so, so tired of this place... I wonder if you will be able to welcome a traitor like myself to your side... once again...

Commander Violet: So, the ship is under your command, Miss Rip Van Winkle.
Rip Van Winkle: Oh, danke schön, Captain. Tell me, how did it feel slaughtering your kinsmen, turning them in to ghouls, betraying your family und country? All for the selfish desire to become an immortal vampire?
Commander Violet: ...Wow. Uh, when you put it like that, I feel like kind of a cunt.

Eret: You're an absolute monster. How could you? Like... We- we all trusted you, Bad!
Ponk: Trust?! Okay, Eret. Keep talking. Keep talking about trust.
Eret: ...that was a long time ago.


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