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Well, it looks like it’s over. That’s a lot of words, now that I get to see the whole thing.

It’s been so long. I forgot what dreams were like.

Now I may finally rest.

Good night.

—C1 Finale


—2e revamp teaser

The Prosperity Commune claims victory in the Great Game. The golden moon reigns supreme over all these petty kings and queens of the Incipisphere.

From her study, the Mage of Mind contemplates the price they paid. She will continue this habit in the centuries and millennia to come.


This was a journey. Perhaps a tragedy. Perhaps it would've been better to stay in bed that day. But here we are, at the end of it all.

Endings are so bittersweet. But this is where our journey ends.

"It wasn't worth it."

—Pizzastuck Finale

"You can't consent to being a pizza."

—Galayis, 5/21/19

">implying 3e is ever going to be a thing"

—Soro, 3/30/18


"3e's starting next year, that much is certain."

—Developer, 11/21/18


"SA: oH, mY dearesT cerxeS, iT fillS mE witH sucH powerfuL pleasurE tO learN thaT yoU havE beeN sO activE, I coulD almosT erupT intO A fonT oF hoT joY alL oveR yoU."

Ratosk Skyurr, 5/12/16

“Welp, the sooner we GTFO the sooner we can facefuck something with guns and pointy things. Do you need to alchemize a cool bounty hunter space jacket? I wonder if it wouldn’t suit you better than a duster.” —12/26/17

"I sip my tea in Japanese, respectfully waiting for a break in the conversation to contribute whatever random horseshit I usually contribute that has zero value to this conversation in general." —6/27/18

"'I like shooting monsters. It is my favorite thing to do. When the monsters die, I think to myself, “yes”. When they survive, I think to myself, 'no.'" and end my turn, thus trapped in the elevator." —7/30/18


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