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Quotes pertaining to Playstation All Stars Battle Royale.

"This entire city, destroyed by a god driven mad by jealousy, envy of his own son. Even now, they sit on their crumbling thrones and presume to judge their former puppet. While below, the titans I have summoned await me... ready to march on Olympus and correct so many of the mistakes of the past. But if I am to lead an army as mighty as the Titans, I must prove my worth. There remain those who call themselves heroes. There is even talk of one who considers himself a god, issuing challenges to all who would answer. Heed my words, mortals: tread lightly on the earth. Beware the Ghost of Sparta!"
Kratos' Story Intro

PaRappa: Whoa! There's the gang! And Sunny Funny is with them... Hey, guys! Do you want to go to the movies?
PJ Berri: The movies? No, check out this new comic book!
Katy Kat: Wow! Joe Chin is such a great hero!
PJ Berri: Look how he handles all those bad guys.
Sunny Funny: I guess being in your own comic book would be cool, if you're into that sort of thing.
PaRappa: My own comic book? I'd have to be a hero like Joe Chin. But how can I do that? Yeah, I know! I gotta believe!
PaRappa's Story Intro

"Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Titania, there lived a beautiful princess whose love for her people was almost, but not quite, exceeded by her love for... Cake. So legendary were her cravings, that all the neighboring kingdoms had learned to expect... visits from the princess and her guards in search of more. One day, a messenger brought word of a new land... one whose cake supplies had not yet been depleted by her prodigious appetite. The King knew better than to try and stop his daughter... but insisted his best soldiers accompany her and ensure her safe return. And so the Princess set out on her great adventure. She did not go looking for trouble, but when cake is involved, trouble is often not very far away."
The Narrator of Fat Princess' Story Intro

"I love this old heap. She's always there for me. Seems almost as eager as I am to show her stuff, show everyone what a great team we are. Besides all that, she still makes the best ice cream around. Not a lot of people know that. Guess most people never bother to ask. But I'm not just the ice cream man anymore. And if Calypso or anyone else wonders what I can do on my own, I'm gonna answer them now. I'm going to show everyone what happens when Sweet Tooth gets out of the truck!"
Sweet Tooth's Story Intro

"Power. All Men crave it. Some fight for it tooth and nail...never understanding the struggle to hold it only leads to it slipping through the fingers. Power always finds its way to me, and always when it is most needed. Now, for example. Helghan is under assault by the ISA, an invasion which threatens out very existence. while beyond this planet and the warships massing above it, there are rumors of even more...formidable opponents. A weak man might wait for those who oppose him to reveal themselves. Luckily enough for Helghan, I am not a weak man. No. I will find those who seek to do us harm. I will find them, and I will show them what true power looks like!"
Colonel Radec's Story Intro

Bentley: Sly! Sly! Emergency! This is terrible!
Sly: What? The greatest thieving guide in history suddenly decided to go straight?
Bentley: Look. Here... and here! It's a clean job, there's no doubt about it, very clean, very professional. I wouldn't have caught it myself if I wasn't looking for-
Sly: Bentley! What am I looking at? I don't see anything here.
Bentley: That's just it! They're not there! At least two pages are missing, maybe more.
Sly: Missing? But it's been locked in a vault since we recovered it.
Bentley: Or so we thought! These pages were removed recently, Sly.
Sly: Have Murray put a new air freshener in the van! We're going to find those pages, and whoever took them!
Sly's Story Intro

Sully: So, what is that, anyway?
Nathan Drake: Well I can't make out the writing. But there's something about the drawings... you know I think I recognize some of these locations. And these...these are coordinates. Someone was plotting a route to something, but-
Sully: ...but how about a break, for a change? You know there's nothing wrong with enjoying a little quiet time.
Nathan Drake: Come on Sully, you don't go through the trouble of making a map like this unless you're after something pretty valuable. Or hiding it.
Sully: Sounds like something we need to get a look at.
Nathan Drake: Better us than someone else, right?
Sully: Yeah well...speaking of someone else, whoever wrote those pages is gonna want them back.
Nathan Drake: People want all kinds of things. It's getting them that's the trick. Fire up the plane, we're heading out.
Nathan Drake's Story Intro

"This whole city is falling apart. Ravaged by fear, plagued by looters and gangs... it's tearing itself apart as it seems. With all my powers, I can't hold it together myself! I need help, the kind only people like me can provide. I've heard of some sort of activity. A gathering of a special group of people. Conduits? Good? Bad? I won't know until I find them. But I know I have to find them, have to do what I can to bring them back with me to help me save this city."
Cole MacGrath's Story Intro

"Some say there's a war coming. Those people have already lost. This isn't the kind of war with sides. This is a race to the top. I'm already on top. And I'm only going to get stronger. To do that, I need to destroy all other Conduits, add their powers to mine. And to do that, I need to find them. Now I may have a chance. There are rumors of some sort of gathering, a collection of... special... people. Conduits? Whatever. They sound like people I should go introduce myself to. I hope they're ready."
Evil Cole MacGrath's Story Intro

Ratchet: Come on Pal! If there were any gold bolts out here, space pirates woud've picked 'em up by now. Let's go home and finish season five of Trick Out My Dropship, huh?
Clank: I will remind you that without gold bolts, there is no money for a Spaceflix subscription.
Ratchet: Good point. Where to next?
Clank: A survey of materials recovered from micro-debris along congruent vectors originating in this quadrant... indicates a high likelihood of gold bolt production.
Ratchet: Well, that sounds worth checking out.
Clank: Might I suggest we align our search along the following criteri-
Ratchet: Hang on a second. The trans-scaling reductive subinverter's picked something up. Let's head that way - I bet that's where we'll find the bolts.
Clank: Or we could do that instead.
Ratchet: On the way there, can you make sure our Spaceflix queue is updated? I'd hate to have to sit through another episode of Horgspleen Plus Thirteen...
Ratchet & Clank's Story Intro

Daxter: So where are we heading, anyways? And don't say, 'Somewhere thataway,' again.
Jak: Believe me, I wish I could say exactly, Daxter. I'm positive there's a new source of ECO out here somewhere.
Daxter: More ECO? Are you sure about this?
Jak: From what I've heard, this is something different. Powerful stuff. And we may not be the only people looking for it.
Daxter: Why do I get the feeling your neck is going to need saving again? Well, you're in luck. Just so happens my calendar's clear today. And tomorrow."
Jak: "It's good to have you here looking out for me, Dax.
Daxter: "Isn't that what I always do?"
Jak and Daxter's Story Intro

"If you were to say your Myogenic Cardiovascular Organ was found in your chest, you'd be technically right, but spiritually wrong. Whether it's a welcoming palace or home sweet hovel, your home is where your heart is. Consider Sackboy. His home is LittleBigPlanet, the ever expanding ethereal dreamscape of endless possibilities. Even the invading Negativitron couldn't persuade the diminutive creature of cloth to forgo his crafted world. Indeed, it was he who kicked their bottoms out, and returned LittleBigPlanet to its proper glory. And it's no wonder: he's a LittleBigPlanetian for goodness' sake. We live to create, and create to live. To hear of worlds where destruction outpaces creation is like nails on a chalkboard, wounding to the soul. If these worlds crying out for his special brand of creativity exist, Sackboy must search them out. What wonders will he find, reshape and make so much better? We can only dream."
The Narrator of Sackboy's Story Intro

"Ah, Sir Daniel Fortesque, having somehow defeated Zarok and banished his dark minions from Gallowmere, he has taken his improbable place in the Hall of Heroes! But after centuries of revelry and mirth, word has come that a new threat gathers in distant lands. Zarok, again? Could the evil wizard have somehow returned once more? No, come on, that is ridiculous! But whatever has caused these creatures to gather together, a true hero is needed to beat them. Unfortunately, all we have at the moment is a skeletal knight of dubious courage. But bravery and folly are often confused, and so is Sir Daniel, who sets forth, ready to meet the challenges ahead of him head-on, if not exactly jaw-on."
The Narrator of Sir Daniel Fortesque's Story Intro

Professor: Spike, you've done a remarkable job catching those monkeys. I think that may be the last of them.
Spike: Thanks, Professor. You seem to be getting smarter and smarter—
Charu: Alert, alert! We've detected a series of events unlike any in our database. By all indications, this could be an alien invasion.
Professor: Aliens?! Invading?!
Charu: There seems to be some force at work causing this. Without further data, it may be safe to assume that this is the work of Specter!
Spike: Specter?!
Professor: There's no time to wait for more information, Spike! If this is Specter's doing, the entire planet could be threatened! You know what to do.
Spike: I'm ready, Professor!
Professor: I'm afraid these monkey-catching weapons are all I have to give you.
Spike: That's OK, Professor, they're all I need.
Spike's Story Intro

"So many people have died because of you, sword. And what did it ever bring them in return? Nothing. Nothing but pain and sorrow. Now I realize without me, you are nothing but an ornate lump of metal. I will unlock all your secrets, tame you, wield you, and release my people from your shackles. There is a place filled with warriors who consider themselves my anchor. There I will be tested, and prove myself worthy. I will become master of this sword. And none will learn so faster than those who stand in my way."
Nariko's Story Intro

Kuro: There is a gathering of mighty warriors happening!
Toro: What?
Kuro: It's close! And everyone will be there!
Toro: You don't mean...
Kuro: Yes! All of our favorites!
Toro: Perhaps I can go there to meet them! If I can learn to fight like them, I might become human.
Kuro: And maybe there will be some pretty ladies there!
Toro: Kuro! We must be respectful around such legendary humans! And we should also not be late! Let's go!
Toro Inoue's Story Intro

"This city is lousy with demons; they're everywhere if you know what to look for. Not that I'm looking. If it were up to me, they'd stay in the Underworld. But I guess no-one asked me. They don't ask. They just drag me down into limbo for a little chat. Me, I like to talk with my swords and my guns. And I kinda feel like talking now. Doesn't matter what they look like or where they're from. I'm coming for the demons, and when I'm done... none of them will be left standing."
Dante's Story Intro

"Finally, after all those years of research. The formula has been perfected. And the results are astounding. Ah, to be young again! The whole world looks brand new and is mine for the taking. And now I have the chance to test my abilities. To push myself harder than ever before. My pathetic family and their weaknesses will have to wait. Warriors, the likes of whom I've never encountered before, stand ready to fight. But are they ready for the new Heihachi Mishima?"
Heihachi Mishima's Story Intro

"My adult life has been spent helping people the best way I know how: with my sword. It's my job now, training those strong enough to defend themselves, and protecting those who aren't. I'm being sent, on another mission. Someone is bringing a bunch of people together. No-one knows why, but it doesn't sound good. Not sure they need my help, or want it, but from what I can tell, there's a force here bigger than anyone's imagined. One way or the other, I'm going to find whoever's behind this. I don't think he's going to make it easy. Fine by me; I've never liked it when things are too easy."
Raiden's Story Intro

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