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Quotes / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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All the attorneys

My name is Phoenix Wright!
I'm a semi-decent lawyer
With the help of magic stones
And my hot-slash-dead employer...

"When something smells, it's usually the Butz."
Phoenix and Edgeworth whenever it's time to introduce Larry

Then, when the game introduces logical conflict—“how can you say your client could not possibly have touched this handgun?”—you are to resolve it by having internalized, through play, the available data, and by sussing out the logical fallacy in the claim or paradox before you. Every time Dual Destinies suggests you look for clues two screens over, it’s not quite babying you; wandering about aimlessly simply isn’t the point of the game. Rather, it’s when those clues knit themselves together into a theory, days later, completely unbidden, and you come to a sudden stop in a Whole Foods, groceries tumbling out of your hands, as you howl, “OH MY GOD! I’M AN IDIOT!!! THE BODY WAS NEVER EVEN THERE!!!“

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